Joseph Gordon Levitt’s ‘heartfelt’ return to series ‘Mr. Corman’ reveals first look; Here’s when it streams

Joseph Gordon Levitt marks his return to the long format with lighthearted comedy ‘Mr. Corman’ to be streamed on a major OTT platform on this date.
Joseph Gordon series Mr. Corman reveals first look Joseph Gordon Levitt’s ‘heartfelt’ return to series ‘Mr. Corman’ reveals first look; Here’s when it streams
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Joseph Gordon Levitt returned to movies in 2020 after a long gap with Project Power co-starring Jamie Foxx. He played the opposition council lawyer Richard Schultz who lost to nothing but his own conscience against the Chicago 7 and the hostility with which the political trial was being conducted. Joseph was hailed for his nuanced act in Trial of Chicago 7. Now, Joseph could be seen by his fans for 10 straight episodes in upcoming heartfelt comedy-drama series called Mr. Corman. The series will start streaming on August 6 on a major OTT platform around the globe.

Joseph’s character Josh Corman is something that could have happened to Joseph if he did not make his life a passionate affair with movies where he gets to live his dream and make bread off it. In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, Joseph said, “This character is like if I had some different luck and made some different choices.” He mentioned that the character is teaching fifth grade instead of pursuing his art though he believes in the ideology of teaching. Joseph has created the series and it appears to be a passion project straight out of the heart. 

Click here to see the first look

Speaking further on the character he said, “He loves teaching, but he also wrestles with the insecurities that come with being an artist, wondering, 'Am I good, is my art meaningful, am I just kidding myself, am I bad, am I stupid, am I meaningless?' " He said that this show is the most distilled rendition of his art that he has ever managed to achieve prior. Joseph has directed heavy subjects like Don Jon before and also took charge to direct most of the 10 episodes.

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