Justin Bieber alludes to Selena Gomez: In my previous relationship, I went off and just was being reckless

Updated on Feb 18, 2020 11:32 AM IST  |  2.9M
Justin Bieber immediately started dating and eventually got married to Hailey Baldwin after his 2018 breakup with Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber has had a good week with the release of his highly awaited album, Changes, which is more or less like a candid love letter to THE woman in his life, Hailey Baldwin. Fans quickly went to work and started deciphering each of the songs to get all the references from Justin's personal life that also includes his ex-girlfriend and first love, Selena Gomez. While there weren't too many references, there were enough "obvious" references to the Lose You To Love Me singer.

During an intimate chat on Apple Beat's Beats 1, Justin alluded to his past relationship with Selena and how he was just being "reckless." Justin revealed that early on, he had told Hailey that he's still really hurt while trying to figure his way out on his own and not in any way ready to make a commitment. The reason being that the 25-year-old singer has done that in the past and for now, wanted to be honest with Baldwin as he was not in the place to be "faithful." When Zane Lowe asked Bieber what was hurting the singer at the time, he revealed that he just hurt from his "previous relationship."

While confiding that he was dealing with a lot of "unforgiveness" Bieber didn't want to tell the 23-year-old model one thing and do another. Seeing Justin with other people hurt Hailey immensely and hence she went out and did things to hurt her now husband. In the push and pull of hurting each other, they stopped talking and the Second Emotion singer was upset.

"Before that, in my previous relationship, I went off and just went crazy and went wild, just was being reckless. This time I took the time to really build myself and focus on me, and try to make the right decisions and all that sort of stuff. And yeah, I got better," Justin concluded.

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