Justin Bieber: Our World Review: What 'INTENTIONS' were behind making this HUMDRUM Justin Bieber documentary?

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Justin Bieber Our World Review
Justin Bieber: Our World premiered today, i.e. October 8.

Justin Bieber: Our World

Justin Bieber: Our World Director: Michael D. Ratner

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Justin Bieber: Our World Stars: 2.5/5

*SPOILERS ALERT* Fame and fortune... Justin Bieber has been blessed/cursed with this luxury from a very young age, thanks to his unbelievable vocal talent and unique personality to attract millions and millions of fans, from across the globe, under one fandom - Beliebers. Justin Bieber: Our World (a callback to JB's debut EP and studio album, My World and My World 2.0), a documentary film based on JB's first full concert in three years amid the backdrop of a global pandemic, is probably the most monotone (let's not forget glossy!) of projects about the mega popstar.

Justin Bieber: Our World takes us behind the scenes of Justin's New Year's Eve 2020 Show on the Beverly Hilton hotel rooftop, Los Angeles, which was attended by 240 fans including wife Hailey Baldwin, all social distanced in their respective rooms and watching from their balconies. The concert was also live streamed, around the world, in 150 countries. Using the countdown-deadline route, we clock back from 30 days to D-day of the concert as much focus is encrypted on the team, whose been by Justin's side since his teenage years. This includes choreographer and good friend Nick DeMoura, who factors in the 'COVID-19 pandemic' as an antagonist. Merely weeks before the concert, Nick has tested positive and has to quarantine for two weeks. But the show still goes on as the rest of the team buckle up and steer the ship with a pandemic on their loop, before he swiftly joins them, along with a surprising rain shower just a few days before the show. Moreover, to add more gravity to the 90-minute documentary, we have the D-Day crisis of the live stream crashing because of too many viewers. NOT A  SPOILER: The concert does infact take place!

While you can't help but admire the crew's undying passion to work "come rain, come shine," with Chris Gratton, co-show designer and producer, taking charge, their flower-induced compliments for the main man seem too much like PR propaganda to establish Justin Bieber as the 'family man who can do no wrong.' Justin's spirituality is uplifting to a point before it becomes too preachy and you can't help but induce a yawn-filled response at every pearl of wisdom given. In addition, we have his vlogs or morning walks and waking up in bed sequences with Hailey, which don't mount up to anything and could instead have been short reels on IG, which we're already used to seeing. I imagine the purpose was to cater for some 'realness' to the popstar's life but in comparison to the HD concert visuals, the limited vlogs seem misplaced. Though a cute 'filler' moment arrives when Bieber complains to Baldwin about his sore arm from holding his phone to vlog  Furthermore, the only minor revelation is how the couple, who undoubtedly is sickeningly adorable, might be trying for a baby by this year-end. Or so it seems!

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Juxtapositioning JB as the family-oriented individual and trying to interlace that with his life as a musician might win over Beliebers (Point to be noted: He already won fans over a long time ago!) but not casual viewers, who crave the honest, raw nitty-gritty in such documentaries. Director Michael D. Ratner, who was also behind the documentary series, Justin Bieber: Seasons, and JB ft. Quavo's Intentions MV, fails to capitalise on the emotional quotient which tends to feel forcefully applied instead, in between the concert, which turns out to be the real scene-stealer.

Nevertheless, Michael's direction excels in concert moments as all the hard work put in by the crew pays off in spades; flashy lights with an adjustable colour scheme, laser light show, pyrotechnics, etc, no expense was spared and added the much-needed oomph to JB's concert. With a four-member editing team - Paul Greenhouse, Vicky Kum, Paul Little and Tom Watson - the filming of the concert in Justin Bieber: Our World was nothing short of extraordinary and a difficult feat because you can't filler in thousands and thousands of crowd, who would usually fill out a stadium. However, the vlogs by the fans present dimmed the sharp quality calibrated by the concert's dazzling standards.

Justin, himself, needed some fine-tuning in the beginning before he starts to hit it out of the park like the veteran he already is. To think this man is only 27 and at another pinnacle in his successful career! It's also upon his talented backup dancers to shoulder the responsibility of adding energy and spice to his performances which they do with flying colours.

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Besides winning over fans of all ages with his classic hits like Baby, Sorry, Boyfriend and Love Yourself, a personal favourite of mine was Holy, a dedication to wife Hailey, who blushed at her man's proclamation, and Lonely, which saw montages of a younger JB singing with thousands of Beliebers by his side. It was a subtle yet effective comparison between how it was before COVID-19 and how concerts had to take place during the pandemic while shedding light on JB's past and present. It's the concert in itself that truly saves Justin Bieber: Our World from falling off the cliff.

In parting; you'll love Justin Bieber: Our World if you're a loyal Belieber. But for a casual viewer, the documentary will honestly be a "lost in translation" flick. Making the "my" to "our" is where the problem begins because there's still so much mystery behind JB, even with so many "open book" revelations already made in the past. I'm curious to know as to what exactly the 'Intentions' were behind making a lacklustre documentary on a larger than life multifaceted personality like Justin Bieber?! I'd say watch Justin Bieber: Seasons instead!




Anonymous : The purpose of a documentary is to portray reality and that's exactly what this film did. Which is why documentaries are only meant for the audience who are interested in that particular subject. If the critic feels this is "lacklustre", they should watch fiction films instead of a documentary.
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Anonymous : Exactly
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