Justin Bieber: Our World Trailer: Amazon explores pop star's life as an artist & marriage with Hailey Bieber

Published on Oct 02, 2021 12:17 AM IST  |  108.3K
Amazon to release Justin Bieber's documentary
Amazon to release Justin Bieber's documentary.

Amazon has released the trailer for Justin Bieber: Our World in which the singer can be seen getting ready for his 2020 New Year's Eve concert. From adorable moments between the Biebers (him and his wife Hailey) to Justin's endearing moments with his family, and his production team, the trailer gave us a sneak peek at how the documentary will be.

"An artist who grew up in front of the world," a message in the trailer shows. Indeed, Justin Bieber has been a pop sensation since his teenage years. We all clearly remember jamming to 'Baby' when we were kids, and we cannot get enough of 'Peaches,' now that we are adults. All this while, 'Bielebers' have been Justin's best friends and the documentary feels nothing short of a gift to his favourite people on Earth, his fans.

With the pandemic, it has definitely been difficult for artists like Bieber to hold offline concerts, or to meet their fans. Therefore, Justin's upcoming documentary depicting a whole concert before the COVID-19 hit must mean a lot for the singer himself as well as his supporters. The trailer shows his bond with his wife Hailey, and how she showers the Yummy singer with her undying support. It also gives us a look at how Justin Bieber's rehearsals usually are and reveals what goes behind setting up a concert for an artist like Bieber.

Justin Bieber: Our World is set to release on the streaming platform Amazon Prime, on October 8. Are you excited about Bieber's documentary? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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