Justin Bieber's dog looks like Dobby from Harry Potter and Hailey Baldwin is to be blamed

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber's pet Oscar reminds the model of Dobby from Harry Potter after she shaved his hair off.
Justin Bieber's dog looks like Dobby from Harry Potter and Hailey Baldwin is to be blamed
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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber are dog parents. The couple revealed they had adopted a cute little puppy last year. Having named him Oscar, the adorable pooch has appeared on Justin and Hailey's Instagram posts from time to time. But it seems like Oscar might be MIA for a while from the couple's Instagram Stories and Hailey has to be blamed. But before you jump the gun and think Hailey did something horrific, understand that her intentions were in the right place. 

She took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she shaved Oscar's hair because she came across a huge tick on his body. "Today I hit my biggest low as a dog parent: Oscar has a huge tick fall off of him yesterday (which freaked me out) and I wasn’t sure how long it had been on him because I never felt the tick and his hair was getting SO long. So today I decided to shave his hair down so I could check for any more ticks and I totally butchered his haircut and he looks like a freak," she confessed. 

"Oscar I’m sorry please still love me, I think you still look handsome," she added. Before fans could beg her for photos, Hailey announced she isn't sharing photos of the canine. "Ps: no I will not show anyone a photo lol," she said. However, she did paint a picture for us. She said that Oscar now looks like Dobby the House elf from Harry Potter. No kidding! She shared two pictures to give us a clearer picture. Check it out below: 

Meanwhile, Justin prayed for the world in such tough times. He shared a prayer on his Instagram Stories. Check it out below: 



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