Justin Bieber's Rumored Concert Demands From 2010s Still Shock The Internet

Popular Canadian Singer and American Music Award winner Justin Bieber’s rumored concert demands from the 2010s still shock the internet. Deets Inside.

Published on Jun 12, 2024  |  09:51 PM IST |  99.1K
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Famous Canadian singer and pop icon Justin Bieber has a huge following in pop music. Still, he also has many detractors due to his bad habits and extravagant spending. However, his reputation worsened when his unreasonable concert demands were revealed online. 

When Justin Bieber was 16 and rising to fame as a global pop sensation during his first world tour, My World Tour, his requests were simpler than those in later years. In 2010, his tour rider included basics like a private bathroom, space for his band, and meals for everyone involved.

Many requests were reasonable, like asking for private lockable rooms and basic bathroom amenities like soap and toilet paper. At that time, Justin's preferences were straightforward, as shown by the rider, which listed items such as ginger ale, Diet Coke, and ice.

Justin’s evolved snack demands: A comparison over time 

In 2010, Justin asked for snacks like vitamin water, herbal tea, assorted fruit and vegetable platters, Canadian candy, honey, lemon, and a Vicks Steam Inhaler. However, his current requests far exceed these.

The only unusual items on the list were packages of white shirts in different styles and sizes, though it's uncertain if they were for Justin or his team. Compared to the elaborate million-dollar rider from 2017, which also featured undershirts and socks, Justin's requests in 2010 were relatively modest. Basic necessities like utensils and condiments were provided even to lesser-known performers.

Justin Bieber's lavish tour demands fuel public frustration

Flashback in the past: Justin Bieber's Extravagant 2017 Tour Requirements Amplify Public Frustration, Compounding His Reputation for Misbehavior. Additionally, His On-Off Relationship with Selena Gomez Continues to Stoke Controversy Among Fans.


Beyond his music and personal life, Justin Bieber has generated numerous scandals. He spat on fans, showed disrespect at the Anne Frank House, trespassed at a heritage site, drove under the influence, threatened paparazzi, punched a fan, and abruptly left the stage at two concerts. He has also made controversial remarks about race and appeared to defend abusers of women. Despite this, he has apologized multiple times for his actions. In recent years, there has been a noticeable change in his behavior, leading to an improvement in his reputation.

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