Justin Timberlake draws negative reactions after leaving a comment on wife Jessica Biel's picture

Justin Timberlake had drawn negative reactions after leaving a comment on wife Jessica Biel's picture. Read on to find out why.
Justin Timberlake,Jessica Biel,HollywoodJustin Timberlake draws negative reactions after leaving a comment on wife Jessica Biel's picture
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Justin Timberlake’s recently left a comment on her wife Jessica Biel's Instagram post, and the people’s reactions prove that they are not ready to forgive or forget the singer’s recent controversy. On December 16, the American actress shared a short video of herself posing for a photoshoot, looking her stunning best. In the comment section, Timberlake posted heart emojis and was instantly bombarded by Biel’s followers, who slammed the singer for trying to “Trying to get out of the dog house.”

Reacting to Timberlake’s comment an angry fan wrote, “Cry me a river,” referring to his hit track which he reportedly wrote after his relationship with Britney Spears ended in 2002. “Somebody is feeling guilty,” wrote another follower. “How about a mature comment that actually shows you love her like You’re gorgeous or I love you so much. Emojis only is immature and while it shows lust for her looks, it's not endearing,” another fan commented.

The comment also drew positive reactions from the few who believed that it was Timberlake’s way of expressing his love for his wife publically, and the gesture should be admired. “You are a beautiful couple stay strong,” an Instagram user wrote. “We all make mistakes. We live and we learn. Just don't do it again lol,” another joked. “Get a life they are married with a child your opinions don't matter,” another defended the couple.



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The controversy surrounding the couple began to hit headlines after Timberlake was spotted holding hands with Wainwright in public. The picture, which went viral overnight, lead some to believe he was unfaithful to Biel. Since then, the singer has issued a public apology to his wife. In a post shared on Instagram, the singer-actor clarified that his behaviour was a result of over drinking and that “Nothing happened” between him and his co-star. He asserted that he always focuses on being a good husband to his wife and a good father to his four-year-old son.

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It takes two to tango. First, is he not old enough to know how much to drink to stay accountable for his behaviour?, second, what was her excuse? Was the costar also "too drunk"? Blaming the drink for your lack of boundaries and ethical behaviour has always been the best way to avoid accountability.

Do you realize that she touched him? uhhh yeah he could call that sexual harrasment how do you feel about that?

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