Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevigne join the list of stars who have received Taylor Swift’s Folklore cardigan

Taylor Swift has been sending her A-lister friends cardigans from her new album Folklore. Stars including Kaia Gerber, Joey King, Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevigne thank the country singer for the cosy gift.
Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevigne join the list of stars who have received Taylor Swift’s Folklore cardigan
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Despite releasing Folklore in the middle of summer, Taylor Swift pretty much wrote the perfect album for rainy days, curled up in comfy clothes, sipping your cosiest brand of tea. It’s no wonder Swift decided to make actual cardigans (to match her new song “Cardigan”) and send them to some of her famous friends. “I hope this cardigan will keep you in these extremely uncozy times,” Swift wrote in a note attached to each parcel. “Sending you a socially distanced hug and all my love, Taylor.”


At this point, it seems as if anyone who’s anyone received the piece of Folklore merch in the mail, along with the sweet note from Swift herself. A lot of the celebrities A list friends have been sporting the cream cardigan and thanking the country singer on the heartfelt gift. 


Most recently, supermodels Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevigne were amongst Taylor’s friends who received the popular merch. The models took to Instagram to thank Swift for the cosy gift.



Lately, Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia Bryant also received Taylor’s present and thanked the singer through her Instagram Stories. 



The Kissing Booth star Joey King was also seen sporting the popular Folklore merch at a success party for her recent film--The Kissing Booth 2.



Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler was also at the receiving end of one of these presents. “We are absolutely one hundred percent positive @taylorswift knitted these cardigans for us! You can’t tell us otherwise,” the actor wrote. “Thank you for sending them to us, T! And thank you for knitting #folklore with your heartstrings! We adore it.”



Model Suki Waterhouse also showed support via Instagram by saying: “My pal released a new album and I’ll be wearing this cardigan for a straight week to celebrate.”




My pal released a new album and I’ll be wearing this cardigan for a straight week to celebrate. #folklore

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Some stars were also left disappointed by not receiving presents from Taylor; One of them was comedian Whitney Cummings who hilariously tweeted to express her distress. She said: “Taylor Swift has not sent me a cardigan and frankly it’s hurtful,” she tweeted on July 25.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

Yikes! So glad my teen girls are not a part of this social nothingness, and celebrity nothingness. It is very empty and embarrassing to hear of the things that go on. This cardigan giving....how shallow and sad is this ...and this challenge being sent to women....why not send this stuff to girls who are not known, who would or might like to have one, but then again they might be embarrassed to have one given the company its keeping...but it might make a few smile or at least be able to sell it for college money...

Anonymous 7 months ago

Don't you Know? This is Taylor Swift, deplorable good for nothing blonde who has not earned anything in life, has been going through boys like a Tuna tin and hangs out with her b*tch pack friends. So glad he feels this way, that he brought up his teenage girls to pull down creative, strong & kind women who built themselves from the ground with hardwork, determination & grace into multimillionaire global phenomenon, are doing well in their life and most probably don't give a shit about their 2 cents. Moreover, she's a woman. Ofcourse everything she does is sad and shallow how DARE she e ven exist, let alone send presents to her friends. The audacity.

Anonymous 7 months ago

It’s shallow and sad to send someone a gift? What am I missing here?