Kate Middleton allegedly found Meghan Markle bringing up flower girl story during Oprah interview 'mortifying'

According to a recent report, Kate Middleton has been "saddened, disappointed and hurt" by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Oprah Winfrey interview is said to have ruffled feathers. Kate Middleton allegedly found Meghan Markle bringing up flower girl story during Oprah interview 'mortifying'
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's controversial 'no holds barred' interview with Oprah Winfrey stirred a worldwide debate about the royal family. From Prince Harry being let down by dad Prince Charles to Archie's skin tone allegedly being discussed by an important royal family member, no topic was off-limits for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they spilt some major royal tea.

In case you're wondering how Kate Middleton feels about Meghan and Harry's shocking revelations, royal expert Katie Nicholl disclosed to OK! magazine that The Duchess of Sussex has been "saddened, disappointed and hurt." During the Oprah interview, Meghan was asked about a past report which suggested that she made Kate cry due to her flower girl dresses choice for her and Harry's royal wedding in May 2018. Markle claimed "the reverse happened" and that a few days before her wedding, Kate was upset about the flower girl dresses which made Meghan cry and it really hurt her feelings. However, Meghan also clarified that she doesn't mean to be disparaging as Kate apologised with flowers and an apology note.

Katie shared that she's heard there are different versions of the flower girl dresses story and not just the one that Meghan discussed. According to Nicholl, Kate felt the incident was already sorted and hence, to have it been brought up again "was horrifying," especially because Kate is not in the position to respond with Meghan and Harry being aware of her predicament.

"Kate has never wanted any suggestion of a rift with Meghan to come out in the press, so for this story to be circulating is very hard. Kate is so discreet and respects her personal life. You never hear about her falling out with anyone because she is very careful with how she treats others," Katie revealed.

Furthermore, Nicholl stated that Kate and William feel they were "hugely welcoming to Meghan and Harry" and that "any accusations against the monarchy are accusations against their family."

On a concluding note, Katie divulged that Kate and William feel let down and it's hurtful. Nonetheless, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still love Harry and Meghan but the Oprah interview has "ruffled feathers" as per Nicholl.

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Do you think Meghan Markle should not have brought up Kate Middleton during Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special? Share your honest thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Meghan Markle the skimming and plotting witch. Who is now attention seeking. Fake from the very begining. Always plastered with a fake smile.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

blm.... black lies matter

Anonymous 1 month ago

I assumed the whole “crying” story was made up tabloid BS until Meghan brought it up. It is all so High School. Meghan has a problem letting things go. She was still publicly trashing her father years after the wedding. Meghan was disparaging her father on TV long before he starting giving interviews. It must be a Markle family trait. Meghan strikes me as thin skinned and petty.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Kate is a well-raised person, which reflects in her demeanour very well.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Mortified because the real face of saint Kate is revealed to the world.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Royal Family or not, I wouldn’t allow anyone to dare to speak on my family matters, racist or not. That is none of others business. Meghan should have known that this is family, not her showbiz. #FamilyMatters

Anonymous 2 months ago

But, how about when this sort was first leaked? Wasn’t MM mortified? And if KM was that concerned and motorised she should have set the record straight!!! It’s important everyone tells their truth otherwise - in history people would have known Meghan for making Kate cry when that wasn’t even the case.

Anonymous 2 months ago

“Then, we just wanted freedom and privacy. Now we just want to crap all over our family as publicly as possible.”

Anonymous 2 months ago

one sided story is mortifying as well ...be it kate or megan...both benefited and both were mortified

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

Someone needs to give MM a movie role so she can be busy with that. This ba bahoo baby drama is boring

Anonymous 2 months ago

It is mortifying. Two near 40 year old woman, crying over bridesmaid dresses and then airing it on a talk show. Katherine showed some maturity with the apology and flowers, Megan has no maturity to show period. She lives in a house funded by her in-laws who she trashed publicly.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Who cares

Anonymous 2 months ago

how about them not clarifying the fake article about Meghan making Kate cry. that is mortifying too. but no one came out with clarification. that is racism to me too.. or is the clarification just only available to white people. #whiteprivilege