Kate Middleton eased tension between Prince William & Prince Harry as 'peacemaker' at Prince Philip's funeral?

According to a royal expert, Kate Middleton served as a "peacemaker" between Prince William and Prince Harry, easing the tense atmosphere to a more amicable, relaxed one.
Kate Middleton speaking to Prince Harry reportedly led to him and Prince William "visibly relax." Kate Middleton eased tension between Prince William & Prince Harry as 'peacemaker' at Prince Philip's funeral?
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While Prince Philip's funeral was a heartfelt tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh's illustrious 99-year royal life, all eyes were considerably on one Prince Harry; sans Meghan Markle, who was advised by her physician to not travel due to her pregnancy, and his reunion with the royal family, especially with elder brother Prince William. Royal expert Katie Nicholl tells Entertainment Tonight that it was Kate Middleton who served as a "peacemaker" between the siblings during the funeral service.

"They were very tense as they walked into that [St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle] chapel. As they came out of it, you could see some tension diffused. And I think that was largely down to The Duchess of Cambridge, who made a point of speaking to Harry and when she did that, you can see them visibly relax," Katie decoded. While walking in the funeral procession behind their grandfather's coffin, William and Harry were separated by their cousin Peter Phillips, who was stationed between the royal siblings. While leaving the funeral service, the cameras captured William, Kate and Harry walking together, chatting, before The Duchess of Cambridge stepped back and gave the brothers some space.

According to Nicholl's understanding, behind-the-scenes, "Kate has tried very hard to forge a rapprochement and act as a peacemaker between William and Harry." Katie elaborated how Kate "loves" her brother-in-law as she says she's "the sister that he never had." According to Nicholl, while Kate has been "heartbroken" to see William and Harry "fall out," she is also presumably one of the few people and family members, who have the ability to actually "push the brothers together" which she did in a subtle way at Prince Philip's funeral and it was "very effective."

"I certainly think she played quite an important role in getting the brothers to the point where they were able to engage in a conversation, of course, in front of the world's press. Everyone was watching," Katie added. Nicholl also stated that the focus of the day was "absolutely rightly on The Duke of Edinburgh" as it was about "bidding him a fitting farewell." Hence, no one wanted there to be too much attention put on William and Harry, their rift, but inevitably, the world was indeed watching with curious eyes.

Katie further remarked on how the "closeness" and "thawing of icy relations" certainly took place outside the chapel with many people feeling "a sense of relief." "I saw Harry visibly relax when The Duchess of Cambridge started speaking with him," Nicholl pondered while adding how there has been so much speculation of whether Prince Philip's funeral procession was the place where the royal siblings' "fiesty relationships" would be solved.

"...and I think they do think that everyone hopes that this is a good start towards some sort of reconciliation," Katie concluded to ET.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Can't believe Kate's PR is on pinkvilla!

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Fake news. Kate’s PR trying to do damage control.