Kate Middleton & Prince William get cold shoulder from Meghan Markle’s BFF Priyanka Chopra at Wimbledon

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Kate Middleton & Prince William get cold shoulder from Meghan Markle’s BFF Priyanka Chopra at Wimbledon

Wimbledon game in the UK saw many stars over the weekend like Tom Cruise, Kate Middleton and Prince William, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and many more. Now, reports are making rounds that Meghan Markle’s BFF Priyanka Chopra who stopped by to watch the tennis match over the weekend seemingly ignored William and Kate at the event.


The actress and singer could be seen sitting just a few rows behind the Cambridges as they took their seats at Saturday's Women's Singles Final and the footage from the games shows the 38-year-old Chopra showed her fiddling with her scarf and hair as the royals arrived at the court. Many people clapped as the Cambridges took their seats, but Chopra was among those who did not join in with the applause.


A few images from the event also showed PeeCee mingling with other VIPs and in some shots, the actress could be seen disengaged from the royal couple as she was pictured with her head turned and later sat with her back to them. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out and speculate that Priyanka was trying to snub Kate and Wills, possibly because of their relations with her BFF Meghan Markle.  


One social media user tweeted: "The way Priyanka did not even look in their direction is enough for me." Another tweeted: "I'm actually in disbelief about such a lack of manners and upbringing. The Americans sitting in the vicinity to Kate and William did NOT clap nor acknowledge their entry.” While another wrote: "She totally ignored them. I would do the same if my friend was mistreated”, while one remarked: “I would ignore them as well."


If you didn’t know, Meghan Markle had previously detailed how the royal family did nothing to protect her and Prince Harry when she was struggling with her mental health.


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Anonymous : Who gives a shhiitttt.
REPLY 5 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : These people are not God that they should receive attention from everyone. Give us break please and don't forget that we are all equal before God so Priyanka doesn't need to show them such respect as such
REPLY 3 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : But she published the photos with headlines- PC attends Wimbledon with princess!
REPLY 7 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : How can a simple Indian kid know how to behave in a royal box?:)))
REPLY 8 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : What is she doing there? If she doesn't like the Royals. Somebody please stop this pubicity hungry woman
REPLY 17 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : They should have kicked her out of the royal box !
REPLY 17 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : You must be joking. They don’t know her and don’t care to know.
REPLY 22 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Whoever wrote this just showed the rest of us “how not to write fiction!”
REPLY 25 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : BFF my juti… it’s a PR sham. And the royals don’t give a hoot about her
REPLY 37 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Nice PR stunt..
REPLY 20 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Dnt get involved in another's domestic disputes!
REPLY 16 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : What nonsense. Royal family cares a damn for Priyanka...
REPLY 39 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Seriously?
REPLY 26 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Michael Jackson seated behind Kate..
REPLY 26 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : She is worst and rude
REPLY 24 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kate’s BFF bebo should help her sort out peecee
REPLY 20 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Pl they would have ignored her
REPLY 22 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Priyanka made living for herself! Kate Andy Williams are NOTHING without the inheritance.
REPLY 1 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : just who does she think she is. Cold shoulder to Royals ? Get real .
REPLY 38 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Kate and Will were wondering why Indian kamwali bais were in the Royal Box nothing more. She was afraid to look them in the eye in case they ask her to leave...
REPLY 23 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Priyanka chopra has been iced out by Meghan markle. She wasnt invited to the infamous baby shower. Meghan is good at dropping friends who dont benefit her.
REPLY 35 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Like Will & Kate care about not getting attention from a highly unattractive Z lister
REPLY 29 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Priyanka is the worst and evil she rude person
REPLY 23 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Choppes paid for this appearance. Her only chance to get attention. No one cares about this fake aunty at Wimbledon.
REPLY 28 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Are you serious...???? Is Kate Middleton even aware of the existence of Priyanka Chopra? SMH
REPLY 82 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Media media, will create chaos from nothing!
REPLY 51 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Priyanka should not interfere. She should know that the brothers will patch up one day.
REPLY 21 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Meghans BBF Priyanka!!!! lol joke of the decade
REPLY 70 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : PeeCee is Meghans worst stalker only to get attention. Nothing else.
REPLY 47 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : no one cares about this attension ware
REPLY 49 2 weeks ago