Kate Middleton QUIPS buying Spider-Man suit for Prince William; Isn't 'sure he's going to get air clearance'

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Kate Middleton shared a candid chat with Jason Baird aka Stockport Spider-Man.

As part of Kate Middleton and National Portrait Gallery's Hold Still photography exhibition, in autumn 2020, The Duchess of Cambridge had phone calls with the finalists as she wanted "to find out more about the stories behind their photos." Amongst the 100 pictures chosen for the exhibit as well as Kate and National Portrait Gallery's curated book A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020 were close friends Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock's uplifting snap.

In the photo, Jason is seen doing an impressive backflip, while dressed as Spider-Man, as children watch him from the confines of their home window. The picture captured was the perfect representation of the pandemic and lockdown life. During their candid phone chat, which was posted on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official YouTube channel, Middleton praised Baird's photo, saying "...it was such a wonderful, positive image of community spirit and it was amazingly captured." Jason and Andrew, who are martial artists, would use the one-hour relief break during the lockdown period and dress up as Stockport Spider-Man to spread some much needed "cheer" to children by circling the community and eventually, many people joined them [dressed as Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and even Snow White and a Stormtrooper]. Subsequently, the children started dressing up as Peter Parker's alter-ego, even putting up signs in their windows: "Spider-Man Stop Here."

Towards the end of their conversation, Kate's cheeky side came to play as she quipped about possibly buying a Spider-Man suit for her husband Prince William. "I'll see if it takes on the trend here at Kensington Palace. Might have to buy William a suit to go and see... Unfortunately, I'm not so sure he's going to get the air clearance that you've got! [laughs]"

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What an endearing conversation, indeed!