Kate Middleton ‘rose above’ Meghan Markle’s claims from Oprah chat; Duchess only wants to reconcile brothers

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Kate Middleton ‘rose above’ Meghan Markle’s claims from Oprah chat; Duchess only wants to reconcile brothers

After Meghan Markle claimed that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton made her cry prior to her wedding with Prince Harry palace staff kept mum and didn’t react to the allegation. Now royal experts are weighing in on the matter and believe that Middleton "rose above" the allegations made by the Sussexes in their Oprah Winfrey interview. If you missed it, the Sussexes made several revelations about the royal family and life in the spotlight as senior royals in the explosive interview.


In a chat with Stella magazine, royal expert Camilla Tominey explained: "Despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah Winfrey interview, when Kate was accused of making Meghan cry during a bridesmaid’s dress fitting and failing to support her, Kate rose decidedly above it all.”


Tominey continued: "Setting aside any personal resentment she may still feel about Harry and Meghan’s televised two-hour tell-all, Kate put her best foot forward in trying to carve a path to reconciliation between the brothers. Few would have blamed her for giving Harry the cold shoulder, yet she clearly resolved that the situation needed to be appeased rather than aggravated."


Previously, royal expert Christopher Wilson told the magazine that Kate’s decision to chat with Prince Harry during Prince Philip’s funeral was spontaneous and encouraged the two brothers to break the tension and talk.  He said: "I thought it was entirely spontaneous and clever in making the two brothers talk to each other. It was a deft move that shows the Duchess is not overawed by all that’s going on." If you didn’t know, Kate has always been extremely close to Prince Harry; The Duke once even described her as the sister he never had.


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Anonymous : bruh idk why ppl hate Meghan but love Kate like wtf
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Anonymous : whatever her intentions were, she did a good thing in making 2 stupid boys talk
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Anonymous : The royals always speak up for Kate but NEVER for Meghan. That speaks for itself.
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Anonymous : At least Kate didn't come out and speak about M& H She tried to bring the brother's together, instead of dividing them
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Anonymous : The RF will go the extra mile to prove that Kate is a saint when in reality she is a racist bully just like the rest of RF.
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