Kate Winslet recalls being called ‘crazy’ for wearing masks & gloves during the early days of COVID 19

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Kate Winslet recalls being called ‘crazy’ for wearing masks & gloves during the early days of COVID 19

Titanic actress Kate Winslet has been taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously from the beginning and recently she revealed the reason why. The 44-year-old actress, who played an epidemiologist in 2011’s Contagion, said the movie made her hyper-aware of the current pandemic when the virus started spreading in China and Europe. At the time, Kate was filming a new movie in Philadelphia. “People thought I was crazy because I had been walking around wearing a mask for weeks, going into the grocery store and wiping everything down with isopropyl alcohol and wearing gloves,” Kate shared of the early days of the pandemic with The Hollywood Reporter. 


“Then all of a sudden March 13 came around, and people were like, ‘F–k, where do I get one of those masks?’” Kate then opened up about two of her close friends, who have been directly impacted by the virus. “One was in L.A. and was very lucky to get on a trial using convalescent plasma and did really, really well in the space of, like, 72 hours after the treatment,” Kate shared.


She continued: “And a dialect coach who lives in London has had it, was in the hospital for 11 weeks, is out, and has had every lung test, blood test, blood pressure test, and is clear of everything but just cannot get better — is breathless, lethargic, still feels very unwell.” Back in March, Kate teamed up with her Contagion co-stars for a PSA to keep fans educated during the pandemic. 


In case you missed it, the trailer for Kate‘s upcoming movie Ammonite with Saoirse Ronan was recently released, and it left fans SHOOK. 


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