Katy Perry credits daughter for her changed judging style on American Idol; Says ‘this season is about love’

Katy Perry recently spoke about her transformed judging style on the upcoming season of American Idol and admitted that it has changed after welcoming her daughter Daisy in August.
Katy Perry credits daughter for her changed judging style on American Idol; Says ‘this season is about love’
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Singer Katy Perry who recently became a mother reflected back on how momhood has changed her, and in particular her judging style on American Idol.  In an interview on Good Morning America, the 35-year-old singer opened up about judging the reality singing competition and how her outlook has changed since welcoming her daughter. In the interview, Perry said: “This season is all about love, and the fact that all you need is love.” 


“As a world, we’re experienced a little bit of a loss of love, not being able to be with the people you love.” She added, “I experienced a huge influx of love when my daughter came into my life, and so I was definitely able to give more love this season.” If you didn’t know, the Fireworks singer welcomed Daisy Dove with fiance Orlando Bloom in August 2020.


She also spoke on Live! With Kelly and Ryan about her filming schedule just weeks after Daisy was born. “I did start filming American Idol season 4 after I’d given birth, five weeks later. And I didn’t plan that. But it was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ It was so intense, you know? Giving birth, then going back to work and breastfeeding, like — holy crap! This is what women do? Oh my God!”


Perry resumed work six weeks after delivering her child. She shot a music video for "Not the end of the world", and teamed up with actress Zooey Deschanel to help her with the shoot. On roping in Deschanel, whom Perry was often mistaken for at the beginning of her career, the singer said: "I was so happy being a mother, but I was like 'Oh, there's this idea in the back of my head'. I knew that time marches on and now was the time so I reached out to her personally, and it was amazing. She showed up for me while I was on maternity leave, basically."


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