Katy Perry SURPRISES fans with an EP of Cosmic Energy; ET, Wide Awake & more get special feature in album

Katy Perry recently surprised fans by dropping a brand new EP of her album Cosmic Energy. Scroll down to listen to the song below.
Katy Perry SURPRISES fans with an EP of Cosmic Energy; ET, Wide Awake & more get special feature in album
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Katy Perry is surprising fans with a new EP! The 36-year-old singer and American Idol judge dropped her EP titled Cosmic Energy on Thursday night (December 17) in honour of Monday night’s Great Conjunction. Katy‘s Cosmic Energy doesn’t feature any new songs, but it does feature some of her most enlightening and out of this world songs, including “E.T.,” “Wide Awake,” and “Not the End of the World.”


If you missed it, back in August, she got candid about her most personal album Smile and also revealed Bloom's reaction to the album in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla. "He hasn't heard the whole thing. I don't think I've actually sat him down and said, 'listen to this record.' But, he's heard almost every single song but I'm gonna make him do it. I promise you. I'm gonna take him on a long drive and make him listen," Perry revealed and added, "For instance, he doesn't sit me down and say, 'Watch every single movie of mine that comes out.' But we do! I will ask his opinion and I'm sure he's heard, probably 11 out of 12 songs if not all of them but I value his opinion and he values mine. I always come to him when I have a question about what I want to know... I want some feedback. I want some real feedback and he's a different demographic. He's male. He's 43."


Katy confessed that she actually takes music advice from Orlando's nine-year-old son Flynn Bloom. "But actually, his nine-year-old son is someone I ask a lot of questions to. I'll say, 'Flynn, here's three songs. What do you think? Which one's your favourite?' So, he picked Never Really Over last year when he was eight. He said, 'That song is the best song to go with and you need to go with that song.' And, he was right," the Daisies singer disclosed.


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