Keanu Reeves spotted holding hands with Alexandra Grant on the red carpet at a film event

Keanu Reeves has always been single and simple on the red carpet for almost 35 years. But, the tradition has been broken as Keanu was seen holding hands with longtime business partner Alexandra Grant at a recent film event.
 Keanu Reeves was spotted holding hands with Alexandra Grant at a film event in Los Angeles Keanu Reeves was spotted holding hands with Alexandra Grant at a film event in Los Angeles
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Keanu Reeves is known for keeping his personal life hidden from the eyes of the public. We have never seen Keanu Reeves coming out on a red carpet holding hands with a woman. But, the long tradition of seeing our beloved Keanu alone on the red carpet is over. For the first time in his career, Keanu was spotted holding hands of his business partner Alexandra Grant at LACMA Film + Art event in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, there have been a lot of rumors about the two for a very long time. A few weeks ago, Keanu and Alexandra were spotted in Los Angeles as they were having a sushi dinner there. The pictures that were obtained by the Daily Mail showed Alexandra having a great time with Keanu.

The two were spotted by media on numerous occasions as they were spotted in a car at Madeo after having dinner. Also, a few months ago, the two were seen holding hands and laughing at a showroom in Malibu. So, there are chances that something is cooking in-between the two. Because, as we all know that Keanu hasn’t been with a lot of women in his life. The only woman that comes in our mind whenever we talk about Keanu's personal life is none other than Jennifer Syme.

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The two were expecting a baby, but sadly the baby was still-born. But, the two lifted their spirits once again and were doing great together until destiny calls it off. In 2001, Syme died in a horrific car accident, since then the only woman we have seen with Keanu is Alexandra. All the fans are hoping to hear something positive from any one of them regarding their potential relationship. Keanu Reeves is going to be seen next in ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ that is a comedy film and is going to release next year.

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