Kelly Clarkson Blushes As She Crushes Over Austin Butler On Her Show; Deets

Kelly Clarkson was left blushing after she learned one particular hidden talent of her guest Austin Butler during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  09:51 AM IST |  38.1K
Kelly Clarkson Is Flustered By Austin Butler's Hidden Talent
Austin Butler and Kelly Clarkson (PC: YouTube/The Bikeriders Official Trailer/Kelly Clarkson/People Like Us Music Video)

One of the latest guests on The Kelly Clarkson Show left the singer gasping for air. Austin Butler and Jodie Comer made appearances on the talk show in light of their newly-released movie, The Bikeriders, which premiered on Friday, 21 June. 

While Kelly Clarkson brought her usual lively self to the set, she was left blushing over Butler’s many talents. She was unable to contain her admiration for the actor after she learned one particular hidden talent of his.

Kelly Clarkson was impressed by Austin Butler 

Ahead of The Bikeriders’ premiere, Austin Butler, 32, and Jodie Comer, 31, stepped in for guest appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show. They chatted about filming the movie and personal hobbies among other things. That is when co-star Comer revealed that the Elvis star is also somewhat of a potter and gifts earthenware to people he likes.

Surprised, the 42-year-old host burst out with a compliment for Butler. “You make pottery? Could you be hotter? Like, what the hell?” Clarkson hollered. She also jokingly listed the actor’s other hobbies like volunteering for Boy Scouts and saving children in his spare time. She quipped, “I’m like, what else, Austin? Like, goodness!”

When asked how he’d get into this “really cool” hobby, the Disney alum revealed it was when he was living in London. Butler was introduced to pottery while he was filming for the Apple TV+ series, Masters of the Air, per an interview with Arizona’s Family 3TV & CBS 5 in February. 


The Dune: Part Two actor shared that he was quite hooked on pottery and his house was filled with vases and other clay-made things. After the movie wrapped, he gifted them to his co-workers. “I gave cups and bowls and vases and things to people that I had worked with,” Butler told Entertainment Tonight. 

The Bikeriders director credited Austin Butler for protecting his film

There were a lot many challenges director Jeff Nichols had to overcome before The Bikeriders materialized. He had decided upon an ensemble cast of Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, and Tom Hardy as the lead stars. 

Simultaneously, Austin Butler was shooting for Dune: Part Two when filming for The Bikeriders kicked off. The actor played the bald antagonist, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, which required him to shave his head. This posed a hurdle for Butler’s The Bikeriders’ character, Benny. Therefore, Nichols issued a plea to him to avoid getting his hair shaved and sort it out with Dune director Denis Villeneuve. 


“Fortunately, he fought for that for us. It’s not like I got on the phone with Denis Villeneuve and was like, ‘Hey, please don’t shave his head.’ Austin worked it out for us, and I love him for that,” Jeff Nichols told The Hollywood Reporter on June 20. 

Butler instead used a bald cap in the sequel and thanked Villeneuve and the team for the adjustment, given his role had a crucial part in the storyline. Whereas, Nichols credits Butler for protecting his much-awaited film.

The Bikeriders is now out in movie theatres.

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