Kevin Feige says THIS star is the true 'lead' in Oscar winner Chloe Zhao's Eternals & it's not Angelina Jolie

Kevin Feige, in an interview, opened up about which character in Eternals would take centre stage in the highly awaited MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film.
Sersi (Gemma Chan) is the lead in Eternals Kevin Feige talks about Sersi (Gemma Chan) being the central character in Eternals.
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There has been a lot of hype about Marvel's Eternals, especially after director Chloe Zhao won multiple Oscars at Oscars 2021 with her movie Nomadland even winning the coveted Academy Award for Best Picture. The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Univers) film plans on shedding the spotlight on the immortal alien race created by the Celestials to protect Earth, which has caught the attention of many fans though there hasn't been much footage released.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege opened up about one of these characters playing the central role in the project. In his recent interviews about Eternals with Variety, Feige spoke about the choice to diversify the film's character ensemble for their comic counterparts. He also revealed that Sersi will be the lead of the film, to be played by Gemma Chan. "Well, the notion of switching up the genders, sexualities and ethnicities of the characters from the comics, was baked in initially — that was part of what [producer] Nate Moore was really advocating for in moving Eternals to the top of the list for us to start working on," Feige explained.

Feige shared with Variety that there were some characters whose genders were changed from male to female, there were characters who were altered from the books but it ultimately boiled down to casting. So, for Sersi for instance, he and his team looked and read through all sorts of women for the part. But they ultimately believed that Gemma Chan would be suitable for the role. She even proved that to be the case in the final movie.

This comment of Kevin Feige surely excited fans of Sersi as a character, considering her role in the Marvel Comics Universe. Whether or not the events of Eternals could ultimately lead to Sersi having a significant role in the MCU, possibly becoming a member of the Avengers, as she is in the comics, is still yet to be explored and discovered.

Eternals is expected to release in theatres on November 5.

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