Kill My Mind Music Video: Louis Tomlinson gives a rocky twist to runaway lovers, gets a thumbs up from fans

Louis Tomlison has dropped the music video of his latest single, Kill My Mind, which is based on runaway lovers. Twitterati is going gaga over Louis' edgy vocals as well as the feel of the music video. Check out the music video below.
Louis Tomlinson taps into his rock roots for his latest single, Kill My Mind.Louis Tomlinson taps into his rock roots for his latest single, Kill My Mind.
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After making us cry with his dedication to his late mother and sister, Two of Us, Louis Tomlinson is tapping into his rock roots with his latest single, Kill My Mind. The single released a few days back and had left Louis fans mighty impressed as we get to see a different avatar of Mr. 28. While we still are waiting eagerly for his solo debut album, Tomlinson is keeping fans satiated by releasing singles! And finally, the music video of Kill My Mind was released on YouTube today, i.e. September 12, 2019.

The music video of Kill My Mind features Louis singing the song in a club and is heavily focused on two runaway lovers. The story begins when a young, handsome man driving a bike to the club whisks his girlfriend away from the same club and they reach a cliff. While it looks like the two want to jump, eventually they back out. However, the young man proceeds to jump anyway leaving the young woman shocked. We are then shown a few glimpses of what could possibly be a continuation to the love story, with a possible new single by Louis.

Check out the music video of Kill My Mind below:

We are addicted to Kill My Mind! What about you guys? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Trending #KillMyMindMusicVideo worldwide, check out how Twitter reacted to Kill My Mind:

If another single to continue the love story of Kill My Mind is in the works, we couldn't help but notice the resemblance to Zayn Malik's recent approach of singles. Let Me and Entertainer were continuations of the same storyline featuring runaway lovers.

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