Kim Kardashian threatens to cancel Kanye West’s Christmas party for THIS reason

Kim Kardashian had threatened to cancel the family Christmas party a year ago as husband Kanye West made plans that according to Kim were very inappropriate.
hollywood,kanye west,Hollywood Kim Kardashian threatens to cancel Kanye West’s Christmas party for THIS reason
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Kim Kardashian had almost canceled Kanye West’s Christmas party plans last year, as the couple took over the responsibility of the Christmas celebration from Kim's mother Kris Jenner. Kanye, apparently planned a Christmas gala that would have cost 1.3 million for that one night's celebration. Kim refused to abide by Kanye's plan to spend such a huge amount of money just for a night's celebration saying that finances completely stress her out, more than any other thing. Kim felt like she must entirely cancel the party plans instead of spending so much money on one party.

Kim explained why Christmas celebrations need to be an intimate family affair, instead of a mega event. She said the party does not need to have an ice skating rink, nor was there a need to fill the streets with snow, as it would alter the landscape of their interiors. Kim managed to explain to Kayne to not be upset, as she was only trying to scale back the party in order to make it more of a family Christmas party, without spending too much money.

No matter how much ever disagreements the couple has, they have never been more happy with each other, especially after celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. Both of them love being parents and their children have only strengthened their bond further. Kim and Kayne are both very happy in their marriage and the fans who see them together couldn't have asked for more. Well, we agree, whether or not Kim agrees to Kayne's party plans, the couple is so much in love, that small disagreements are just a thing to get over with.

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