The King: Eternal Monarch: Lee Min Ho reveals his FAVOURITE scene, final thoughts & special message for fans

The King: Eternal Monarch will premiere its 16th and final episode tonight. But before we watch the curtain call, Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan share their favourite moments from the series.

Updated on Jun 13, 2020 01:21 AM IST  |  8.6M
The King: Eternal Monarch: Lee Min Ho reveals his FAVOURITE scene, final thoughts & special message for fans
The King: Eternal Monarch: Lee Min Ho reveals his FAVOURITE scene, final thoughts & special message for fans
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The King: Eternal Monarch is all set to premiere its final episode today. The drama marks the first series that Min Ho has starred since his military training has come to an end. Fans have loved every moment of the series. While they are eager to know how the show ends, the cast - Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan - are opening up about their experiences of working on the fantasy drama and their favourite moment on the show. 

In a report published by Naver, Min Ho revealed his favourite scene from the series was when Lee Gon takes Jung Tae Eul into his Korean empire. He said his favourite moment was when he said, "I am the emperor of the Korean Empire, and my name, which was chosen to not be called, is Lee Gon." The journey, which starts at the end of the fourth episode, sees Tae Eul experience Gon's world and explore the Kingdom on her own. 

While Min Ho picked a happy moment, Go Eun picked an emotional reunion between Tae Eul and Gon as her favourite moment from the series. The actress picked the bloodstained reunion between the lovers after Tae Eul was almost killed by Lee Lim and his men. “I remember the scenes well because we filmed in Busan for three full days. I felt good because I think the viewers liked these scenes as well," she said. 


The tear-jerking moment was indeed one of the best moments on the show. Woo Do Hwan picked an unexpected scene as his favourite. The actor, who left viewers spellbound with his starkly different performances via Jo Young and Jo Eun Seob on the series, picked the scene Jo Young and Jo Eun Seob first meet is his favourite. "I prepared very hard because that scene is one where you can see right away the story and character traits that have built up from the first episode to the sixth.” If we were to pick, we'd pick their farewell scene. Damn, we are tearing up with the mere mention of the moment. 

What were your favourite scenes of the three actors from The King: Eternal Monarch? Let us know in the comments below. 

Apart from talking about their favourite moments, Min Ho also said this series stands special for this is the first show he has acted in during his 30s. “This drama is one that I started as an actor in my 30s, and I think it’ll become a time of nourishment that will decorate the next page in my future," he said. "Above all, I am grateful for the people I have met again and for the people I have met for the first time," he added. 

Min Ho also went on to thank fans for the love they've showered on him via the show. "I want to thank the fans, who have waited a long time, and the viewers," he said. Sharing his final thoughts, he prays his fans to stay healthy during these tough times. "Don’t grow tired during these times, and I really hope you stay healthy. I’m rooting that you will nicely walk the path that you have chosen for yourself. As for me, I will do my best in every moment and go forth firmly with each step," he said. 

Go Eun also thanked viewers and said it was because of the fans of the show that she could stay strong until the final day of the shoot. “I was able to stay strong and film until the end thanks to each and every time the viewers said that they were enjoying the drama. I am really thankful," she said. 

Do Hwan echoed similar sentiments as he thanked fans for the continuous support. “We have raced to the end from the first to last filming without rest, and the script and set were so good that I really didn’t want to rest. I will do my best and show the viewers and fans continuous improvement as well as better acting. Thank you so much for loving [the drama]," he said. 

Are you excited for The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 16? Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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