The King: Eternal Monarch’s Lee Min ho, Woo Do hwan & Kim Kyung nam pay tribute to COVID 19 medical workers

Korean drama series The King: Eternal Monarch stars Lee Min ho, Woo Do hwan and Kim Kyung nam joined hands to pay tribute to medical workers amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
The King: Eternal Monarch’s Lee Min ho, Woo Do hwan & Kim Kyung nam pay tribute to COVID 19 medical workers
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The Coronavirus pandemic is continuing to take the world by storm. Globally, more than 5.3 million people have been infected with the deadly virus, according to Johns Hopkins University. While more than 2 million have recovered, over 342,000 people have lost their lives battling the disease. Since scientists are still trying to figure out a cure for the life-threatening disease, healthcare experts and other emergency workers have been working round the clock to assist those who have been affected by the virus.

The King: Eternal Monarch stars Eternal Monarch’s Lee Min ho, Woo Do hwan, and Kim Kyung-nam came together to pay tribute to all those real-life heroes who have been leading the global war against COVID-19. As people across the world practice social distancing to avoid contracting the virus, these workers have been putting their lives on risk. Lee Min ho, who plays the lead role of Lee Gon in popular Korean drama series, shared a post expressing his gratitude towards the medical workers.

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“We express our deep appreciation and respect for the dedication of the many medical staff, firefighting, and volunteers who have worked hard for the health and safety of the people from Corona 19,” he wrote alongside a picture featuring him with his the King co-stars Woo Do, who plays Jo Eun-seob and Kim Kyung, who features in the show as Kang Shin-Jae. Praising the emergency staff, the actor wrote, “We will pray for their health and safety.”

Further, in his caption, the South Korean actor urged people to stay safe and away from the deadly virus by taking all the precautions suggested to buy the medical experts. “I hope a lot of people will work together to wash their hands, wear masks, and keep away from their lives so that the effort is not in vain. Just like in various other countries, a large number of people have lost their lives due to the disease in South Korea.

The country has recorded 11,190 COVID-19 cases, Al Jazeera reported. While 10,213 have successfully made full recovery, about 266 have died due to COVID-19. According to The Times Of India, South Korea is all set to proceed with a phased reopening of schools. The country was reporting around 500 new cases a day in early March but has since managed to stabilize the numbers by actively tracking and testing the virus. They will start by reopening the schools for high school seniors later this week.

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Anonymous 9 months ago

Leaving aside his facial features for now lets appreciate the fact that he showed this small gesture...we will always support u dear actors and especially Lee min ho...

Anonymous 9 months ago

I totally agree. People always forget the good gestures and focus on unimportant things... He is the KING.. LMH...

Anonymous 9 months ago

Lee Min Ho face seems photo -shopped to make it appear more smaller and v shape ( according Korean beauty standards ) ...According to me , it is squarish jawline and and dominating bow ridge , fawn skin colour that make him what he is ..more masculine and domineering and charming ..please stop imposing these ridicules beauty standards on these actors