The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho confesses Kim Go Eun has charming eyes: They change every minute

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The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho confesses Kim Go Eun has charming eyes: They change every minute

There is no denying that Lee Min-Ho has the most mesmerising eyes. The actor's character on The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Gon, too acknowledges that he has charming eyes. However, Min-Ho feels that his co-star Kim Go Eun has charming eyes. The King: Eternal Monarch star gushed about the beautiful actress's eyes during the press conference held last week ahead of the K-Drama's premiere. During the press interaction, the on-screen couple spoke about their chemistry. It was then that Min-Ho made the heartwarming confession. 

"They change every minute. They are intense and shy and diverse. After seeing her eyes, I could see why [her acting] spectrum is so wide," he said, as per a Soompi report. Go Eun, who plays a detective and Min-Ho's love interest on the show, complimented Korean heartthrob as well. She admitted, "Lee Min Ho has a really good personality. We became friends without feeling awkward." Go Eun also shared that their friendship helped her enhance her performance. "I got a lot of help in playing my character," she said. 

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Apart from gushing about each other, the two stars also spoke about the prep they did for their respective roles. The actor, who returned to his acting career after his military service, revealed he read books by mathematicians and watched lectures by physicists.

"I’m cautious about dividing types, but I looked for books by mathematicians and lectures by physicists. People who lean towards natural sciences like clear answers and tend to be serious, and they take some time to solve for answers. They are the type of people who may seem frustrating, but they are sincere about every word they say," he said. On the show, the actor's character is interested in mathematics and history. A few glimpses of him solving equations and reading about the new world's history are shown in the first and second episodes. 

On the other hand, Go Eun said, "I challenged myself to a double role with this drama. In Korea, I play Jung Tae Eul, a violent crimes detective, and in the Korean Empire, I play a criminal named Luna. The phrase, ‘I don’t know how to explain it,’ describes Jung Tae Eul perfectly. She is a person who takes action using her intuition, rather than solving things in her head.”

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 3 premieres on Friday, April 24. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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