Kristen Bell reveals husband Dax Shepard told her she can drug test him 'whenever' she wants after his relapse

Kristen Bell revealed how Dax Shepard and her are dealing with his relapse in a recent interview.
Kristen Bell opened up about Dax Shepard's relapse Kristen Bell talked about keeping drug tests at home after Dax Shepard's relapse
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Actor Dax Shepard has been open about his struggle with addiction and after his recent relapse following 16 years of sobriety last summer, Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell are doing everything they can to not fall off the wagon again. In a recent interview with Self magazine, Bell opened up about her marriage with Shepard and his relapse's impact on it. Describing what she expects their marriage to be like, Bell said, "Do you want to be on the porch with someone when you’re 80?" We both want that."

Shedding light on how Dax and she are dealing with his recent relapse, The Good Place star said, Shepard, told her, “You can drug-test me whenever you want. I’m going to buy some tests. I’m going to have them in the house. If you ever feel nervous, I want you to have access to this and I’ll do it, no questions asked.” 

Bell further maintained that Shepard is willing to get better and championed him for being honest saying, "He's proven to me that he is committed to evolving and he loves personal growth." For the uninitiated, Shepard relapsed after staying sober for nearly sixteen years following a motorcycle accident that ended up him being prescribed opioids. The actor revealed in September 2020 that he was taking pills daily following several motorcycle injuries and became began abusing the pill intake.

Bell and Shepard who share daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6 are still going strong and have admitted to being back in couples therapy following the relapse.

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