Kristen Bell TEASES a 'twist' at the end of Gossip Girl reboot's first episode

Kristen Bell in her interview with Jimmy Fallon spoke about the Gossip Girl reboot and how it will be different from the original ahead of her return as the narrator on the upcoming show.
Kristen Bell hints at a twist at the end of Gossip Girl's first episode Kristen Bell hints at an interesting twist relating to Gossip Girl
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The trailer of Gossip Girl reboot was released recently and it has already got everyone talking about it. If the original series that aired on CW seemed scandalous, the reboot version that will be premiering on HBO Max seems much more risque. The reboot will show Upper East Side teenagers dealing with new challenges that come with social media. A common link between both shows remains Kristen Bell's dramatic voiceover and during her recent appearance on Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the actress spoke about the same.

Bell has in her career done a lot of voiceover work including the Frozen franchise but many fans particularly love her for her iconic voice as Gossip Girl. The actress while talking to Jimmy Fallon in a recent interview, spoke about what the Gossip Girl reboot has to offer as she returns to the show as a narrator.

Speaking about the show's risque content, Bell said, "The new show is really cool because it talks about how social media has changed us, it’s more risque, and there’s a twist at the end of episode one that’s really different."

Bell's comment about an apparent "twist" has certainly sent fans into a frenzy. Many fans believe that, unlike the original show, the reboot series may surprise its viewers by revealing the identity of Gossip Girl right at the beginning of the show. Although there's no surety of that and fans will certainly have to wait until July 8, 2021 to find out what the twist really is. 

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