Lana Del Rey and Quavo Tease Upcoming Track Tough; All We Know About The Track So Far

Lana Del Rey who will soon be heard alongside the voice of Quavo, has teased their upcoming track Tough for another time.

Published on Jun 21, 2024  |  05:58 PM IST |  53.8K
Lana Del Rey and Quavo tease their music
Lana Del Rey and Quavo (Instagram)

The fans of Lana Del Rey and Quavo were once again hyped up, as the pair, took to social media, teasing their upcoming track Tough, for another time. Following the post, fans were seen baffled and commenting on their excitement under the recently released clip.

Quavo and Lana Del Rey release a clip of Tough

While the followers have been eager to hear from Quavo and the Young and Beautiful songstress about a new track, they were given another surprise recently. 

Taking to social media, the two dropped a teaser of their upcoming and one of the anticipated tracks of all time. On Wednesday night, Quavo came ahead uploading a clip on Instagram. 

While the post had a photo of both the artist on a farm, the song heard lines such as, “Tough like the scarf on a pair of old leather boots/ Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude/ Like a .38 made out of brass,” sung by Del Rey as well as by the Open it up artist. 

Further in the song one could even hear, “Tough like the stuff in my grandpa’s glass/ Life’s gonna do what it does/ Sure as the good lord’s up above/ Cut like a diamond shining in the rough, tough.”


While the post had its viewers all excited once again, a release date for their song Tough still remains unannounced.

Quavo and Lana Del Rey’s Instagram post of last month

Last month Quavo had uploaded a bit of the same song with a picture of a Polaroid of himself hanging out with the Say Yes To Heaven singer. 

The artist could be heard talking to Lana Del Rey in a bit of a rap style. He is heard singing, “I’ll show you around … Come take a ride with me. Whenever. Whenever you ready, call on me.”

The May 9 post had the caption, “If u come from where u come then u were born….Tough!” 

This second teaser of the song had the fans filled with thrill. As they couldn't hold their moved emotions, they took to the comments section of the recently shared post. 

A follower was seen stating that the artist, referring to Quavo, has real talent, as he can effortlessly mix different genres and still make it sound great. “This sounds so goodddddddddddd,” the fan added. 


“This sounds insane,” another comment read.

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What's the track by Lana Del Rey and Quavo called?
Tough is the name of the track by Lana Del Rey and Quavo that hasn't been launched yet.

How old is Quavo?
Born on April 2 , 1991, Quavo is 33 years old.

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