Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday: When Brad Pitt hilariously proclaimed his love for the actor at Oscars 2021

Updated on Nov 12, 2021 02:21 PM IST  |  458.4K
Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt
Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brad Pitt has no chill, especially when it comes to proclaiming his love for his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costar Leonardo DiCaprio! He knows how to make Leo feel special, and wouldn't mind cracking up a few jokes at prestigious award ceremonies and events just to leave DiCaprio in splits.

During the 93rd Academy Awards, Pitt went up to the stage to honour the Best Supporting Actress. While announcing the nominations, he tried his best to lighten the mood. Pitt said, "My love of movies began at the local drive-in, watching Clint Eastwood and Godzilla. My nominees for best actor also fell in love with movies at a young age. Yuh-Jung Youn fell in love with the movies through the work of actresses like Maggie Smith and directors Robert Altman and Mike Leigh."

However, while announcing Amanda Seyfried as one of the nominees, Pit went ahead to refer to her movie Letters to Juliet, but there was a catch! "For Amanda Seyfried, it was the film version of Romeo and Juliet — the Leo version. Me too," he added, leaving the entire audience at Oscars 2021 to laugh hysterically!


It is common knowledge that Brad and Leo became good friends during Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's filming. During the 2019 premiere of the movie in the United Kingdom, Brad had gushed about his costar and revealed that they are indeed best friends forever! When asked whether he would call Leo his best pal, the Fight Club actor said, "Yeah whatever you want to call it...He’s a good actor...And yes, we are lovers.”

We sincerely hope their bond grows stronger!

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