Leonardo DiCaprio joins Prince Harry's campaign to suspend oil drilling in Africa

Updated on Oct 21, 2021 01:50 AM IST  |  98.4K
Prince Harry Leonardo DiCaprio
Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio team up to safeguard Africa.

Prince Harry's campaign to successfully end oil drilling in Africa has witnessed the support of some high-profile celebrities including the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The Duke of Sussex, 37, has teamed up with the Don't Look Up star, along with Forest Whitaker and Djimon Hounsou to look into Africa's oil drilling issue.

According to a press release from Re:wild, the celebrities are "calling for an immediate moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Okavango River Basin, including by Canadian oil and gas company Reconnaissance Energy Africa (ReconAfrica)." The press release also states that in an op-ed published by the Duke and Namibian environmental activist, conservationist and poet Reinhold Mangundu, the duo had warned of "permanent destruction" due to excessive oil drilling.

While citing a pipeline leak off the coast of California which ended up releasing 140,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean, the duo noted that while these mistakes cannot be repaired, drilling can cause "disastrous consequences." "The risk of drilling will always outweigh the perceived reward. In a region already facing the abuse of exploitation, poaching and fires, the risk is even higher. Knowing the above, why would you be drilling for oil in such a place?" the pair stated.

DiCaprio took to his social media platform to spread awareness on the same topic. "There is no resource more precious than water in the Okavango River Basin, where Canadian company ReconAfrica is drilling for oil and gas. Local and Indigenous communities are concerned for their homes, their water supply, and the ecosystem that supports all life around them," he noted.

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