Liam Payne, Cheryl to live together for the sake of son Bear; former's GF allowed to visit but on 1 condition?

Updated on Jun 04, 2020 08:08 AM IST  |  6.5M
Liam Payne is currently quarantining with his girlfriend, Maya Henry, in his London home.

Liam Payne, on several occasions, has spoken about how he's terribly missing his son, Bear Payne, 3. Bear is currently with his mother Cheryl in her Buckinghamshire home while Liam is cooped up in his London house, quarantining with his girlfriend, Maya Henry. For now, Payne is constantly video chatting with Bear but is not very happy about the distance with his son. As the exes are on friendly terms and are co-parenting to the best of their abilities, Cheryl has now come up with a plan for her ex-boyfriend to be closer to their child.

If a report by Heat is to be believed, Cheryl is considering asking the One Direction member to move in with her to be by Bear's side. "Lockdown has really got Cheryl thinking about her future and what is going to happen with Liam. Liam hasn’t been able to see Bear and it’s been so hard on all of them. She and Liam still get on really well and Cheryl has suggested that he move back in with them for a while when it’s all over. She has such a big house, so there’s lots of space and thinks it will be great for Bear to have them both around," a source revealed to Heat.

For Liam, Cheryl will always be the most important woman in his life and for Cheryl, she wants Liam to have a happy home life.

But what about Maya? Well, Heat reports that Henry will be welcome to visit whenever she feels like it but Cheryl is keen on Liam using the quality time to bond with Bear. For that to happen, Maya can't be there all the time as Payne would need to make Cheryl and Bear as his priority.

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We'll have to wait and watch to see if the exes do decide to live together for the sake of Bear!


Anonymous : Who the hell does Cheryl think she is? Liam needs to see his son in his house without Cheryl hanging on trying to make life difficult for Maya and hoping she ditches Liam. He is engaged now. His loyalty should be to his son and Maya not Cheryl. I bet she planned to get pregnant and Liam now has a lifetime of being a dad when he wasn't ready. If Cheryl had a man I bet she wouldn't give two toffees whether Liam turned up or not just keep paying the monthly cash.
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