Liar Music Video: Camila Cabello chooses a handsome waiter over being a trophy wife and we're hooked

After Havana, Camila Cabello goes the telenovela route yet again for the music video of her latest single, Liar. In the music video, the singer keeps reliving the same nightmare along with a rich, elitist boyfriend and a handsome waiter. Check out the Liar music video below.
Camila Cabello recently released the music video for her catchy track, Liar.Camila Cabello recently released the music video for her catchy track, Liar.
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We all remember the telenovela-inspired music video of Havana which left us hooked, line and sinker for the talent that was Camila Cabello! Havana turned out to be life-changing for the former Fifth Harmony member, as Camila even received Grammy nods for the dance single. Now, the singer is all about the Romance in her next album and has already released two songs - Shameless and Liar. Speaking of Liar, Camila just dropped the music video of Liar, which goes the telenovela route, like Havana.

To be honest, we're not sure whether we liked or loved the spectacle that is the Liar music video. Camila is seen reliving the same nightmare, again and again, courtesy of her rich and elitist fiance. However, she catches the eye of a handsome waiter, who slips in a love note to her. However, despite several attempts, she keeps going back to the same moment and waking up in bed in her fiance's mansion. Cabello proceeds to get stumped by an elephant and hit by a group of cyclers.



‪Tonight at midnight. Literally most fun video I’ve ever made. LIAR. (midnight ET)‬ #LiarMusicVideo⁠

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Finally, she ends up in a psychiatry ward after burning down the mansion. However, there are some more twists and turns in the 6-minute video. Directed by Dave Meyers, Zak Steiner and Keiynan Lonsdale star opposite Camila.

Check out the Liar music video below:


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I love the video with good message

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