Lil Wayne gets CANDID on his battle with mental health; Opens up about attempting suicide in childhood

Updated on Aug 17, 2021 03:06 PM IST  |  69.9K
Lil Wayne expressed his desire to encourage people to take mental health seriously and to get assistance when they need it.

Content Warning

Lil Wayne is opening out about his mental health struggles, including a suicide attempt when he was 12 years old, in the hopes of helping others. The five-time Grammy winner spoke to author and TV presenter Emmanuel Acho on Sunday as part of his "Uncomfortable Conversations" interview series, in which he expressed his desire to encourage people to take mental health seriously and to get assistance when they need it.

The singer recalled that the event happened on a half-day break from school when he nearly got into problems with his mother and planned to commit suicide with her pistol. “I picked up the phone, I called the police,” he recalled. “Yes, I knew where she put her gun and it was in her bedroom. And so I went in her bedroom, grabbed the gun. I already made the phone call. So I was looking, I was like, ‘You know what?’ Start thinking I had to get myself mad and noticed that I didn’t have to. That’s what scared me. How I knew I had a mental health problem was when I pulled the trigger.”

Wayne was severely wounded and bleeding when police arrived, but he had managed to push himself toward the front door. However,  police rushed past him, shouting that they had discovered drugs and a gun before checking to see whether the little kid was okay. Years later, Wayne no longer attends therapy, but he still prays twice a day. He can now claim he's in a better position and "so happy" because he can do what he loves. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, Wayne concluded and said he wants people who know someone who is suffering with their mental health to realize that "it's real." "There is no bar to measure how real. It's real," he said. "It's so real that if someone even has the guts, the heart, the bravery, whatever to at least admit that they have something going on up there that they're not sure about, it's so real that we should only react in the realest way possible."

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If you know someone in crisis or feel the need to reach out, do not hesitate to contact a suicide prevention centre or helpline.