Lily James breaks her silence on Dominic West kissing scandal; TEASES ‘There is a lot to say’

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Lily James recently broke her silence on the scandal that followed after she was spotted kissing her married co-star Dominic West in 2020.
Lily James breaks her silence on Dominic West scandal Lily James breaks her silence on Dominic West kissing scandal; TEASES ‘There is a lot to say’
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Almost a year after Lily James and Dominic West’s controversial PDA, the Cinderella actress is finally commenting on the scandal. If you didn’t know, back in October 2020 the duo was photographed looking very cosy while in Rome, Italy filming their feature Pursuit of Love together. The photos created waves in the media and Hollywood as West is married and the photos of him kissing James were inappropriate. 


Immediately after the photos got leaked, West did damage control by flying home to the UK and releasing a staged statement with photos with his wife, the statement from the married couple stated that the duo is working on their marriage and they are happy. 


James has till now maintained her silence on the subject since the media frenzy surrounding the scandal in 2020, but now, the actress is breaking her silence for the first time. In an interview with The Guardian, the actress was asked: “You found yourself at the centre of a media storm last autumn [due to rumours of an affair with Pursuit of Love castmate Dominic West]. What was that like?”  Lily then responded, “Ach, I’m not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I’m afraid.”


Lily had been avoiding the limelight since the incident and even cancelled 2 TV appearances that week. One on the Graham Norton Show, and the second one on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Lily was scheduled to appear on both the shows to promote her new Netflix drama Rebecca alongside co-star Armie Hammer.


Back in October 2020, an insider who worked with Lily and West on the film and spoke to People magazine about their alleged relationship. “They worked together in the past but seem to have connected in a special way since they started filming in England over the summer,” the insider told People magazine.


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