Lindsay Lohan HINTS at a Mean Girls sequel; Says ‘I know that they’re going to do something’

Lindsay Lohan recently appeared on Dina Lohan‘s podcast, Listen to Me and teased an actual sequel to her iconic 2004 film Mean Girls. Scroll down to see what she said.
Lindsay Lohan HINTS at a Mean Girls sequel; Says ‘I know that they’re going to do something’
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Lindsay Lohan recently spoke about Mean Girls! The 34-year-old singer and actress made an appearance on mom Dina Lohan‘s podcast, Listen to Me, The OG Mama D Podcast with Dina Lohan & Chanel Omari. During her appearance, she talked about an anticipated sequel to the 2004 classic. “I mean, I know that they’re going to do something, but I just don’t know exactly what yet. And it would be an honour to be a part of it,” she said. She also discussed the recent virtual reunion with the Mean Girls cast.


“Obviously it was really fun to do…they didn’t air part of this, but it felt like it was, we’d all just seen each other the day before. It still feels like we know each other so well, because we spend so much time with each other and we discussed how it’s been working with each other. That it’s been so continuous over the years. That it’s, it feels like we’re all still good friends, which was really nice to catch up with everyone. So that was really fun!”


She also talked about Broadway aspirations: “I would definitely consider Broadway. I mean, I did Speed The Plow in the West End in London. So we were talking about bringing that to Broadway off-Broadway and I’m not sure what happened with it, but I would definitely do  Broadway. I love the amazing triple-threat – sing dance act!”


Lindsay also said she wants her mom on Dancing With The Stars! “My mom needs to be on DWTS. And I want to go cheer her on. Oh, I’m going to cry. That would be like my dream to see her on Dancing With the Stars…she would do so well, if not win. Yeah. I mean, she’s a champ. She was a dancer, her whole life, you know, she was a ballerina!” Plus, Lindsay said she’d love to work with Ryan Murphy. “Now he’s someone I would love to work with. I did Glee quickly with him, but I would love to do a full series or movie with him…I loved Ratchet!”


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