Lizzo REVEALS to have taken help from five people to carry her long hair in Rumors music video: WATCH

Published on Aug 15, 2021 10:02 PM IST  |  144.7K
Lizzo has posted a BTS video from Rumors.
Lizzo shares a video of five people carrying her long hair to the Rumors music video set.

Lizzo has recently posted a video flaunting her 43.5 feet hair which took 5 people to carry while the singer prepared for her new music video Rumors, featuring Cardi B. Taking to Instagram, Lizzo posted a video where nearly half a dozen people were spotted carrying her hair from her makeup area to the main set of her music video.


The video that the Juice singer posted had five people carrying seven yards of hair each and Lizzo mentioned it as the ‘longest braid in the world.’ She also jokingly tagged Guinness World Records and asked her fans to confirm whether her braid is indeed the longest in the world or not! While Guinness World Records didn’t reply to the tweet yet, her fans couldn’t simply seem to get over her look. Lizzo dressed up as an ancient goddess and looked quite like one too! Apart from her hair, which literally screamed ‘hair goals’, the singer also had a gorgeous outfit on, which was nothing short of regal.


Lizzo has already released her song Rumors, featuring Cardi B, where the two of them flaunted their rapping and singing skills. Directed by Tanu Muino, the video has groovy music, and the set of the song seems to be too out of the world. Cardi B was spotted showing off her baby bump while decked up in a golden outfit. The two definitely had a successful collaboration as they took fans by storm on every social media platform.


Check out her post:


While teasing fans of a possible collaboration with the WAP rapper, Lizzo had posted a fun video where she called Cardi up early in the morning. Then the two engaged in a friendly banter as Cardi didn’t seem to be in a chirpy mood as early as 9 am on a weekday.


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