Lizzo REVEALS her plans for a future date with Chris Evans after their viral DM exchange

Updated on Aug 14, 2021 02:06 PM IST  |  200.4K
Lizzo opened up on her future plans to meet Chris Evans
Lizzo revealed the plans she has for a date with Chris Evans

Lizzo and Chris Evans are driving fans crazy with their viral DMs and after the singer recently joked about expecting a child with the Avengers star, netizens seem to be waiting for these two celebrities to get together and enjoy a real date soon. In a recent interview, the Rumours singer almost revealed that a plan for their future meet may be in place and also stated how she has NSFW plans to carry out when they meet. 

While talking to Andy Cohen for SiriusXM, Lizzo opened up about her interaction with Chris Evans regarding a meetup and it's sure to leave fans super excited. After Andy told Lizzo that he's looking forward to seeing her and Chris Evans get together and said, "let’s make this happen", the singer surprised him with an answer that teased at what their future date is going to look like. 

Lizzo gushed about her Evans' amazing connection stating their zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini have unmatched energy. Adding on about her naughty plans after meeting the Avengers actor, the singer told Cohen, "We have plans, well, we don’t have plans, but he did say he will come to a show and I was like, okay, shots on me. And he said, no shots on me. So here’s my scenario. He’s naked in the green room. And he has body shots all on his chest. And I walk in and I slowly just suck them off. Okay. Sorry. Next question", via Just Jared.

Well, after hearing this netizens are sure to ship harder for this duo get together. For the unreversed, Lizzo and Evans began exchanging DMs after the singer slid into the actor's DMs with a drunk text. Evans soon responded to her with the sweetest response as he said, "God Knows I've Done Worse on This App."

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