#LizzoIsOverParty: Fans defend Lizzo after her sexual jokes on BTS, Harry Styles resurface amid cancel culture

Lizzo became the latest victim of the ongoing cancel culture on Twitter. The singer's statements about BTS and One Direction's Harry Styles surfaced, with a few users announcing, "Lizzo Is Over Party."
#LizzoIsOverParty: Fans defend Lizzo after her sexual jokes on BTS, Harry Styles resurface amid cancel culture#LizzoIsOverParty: Fans defend Lizzo after her sexual jokes on BTS, Harry Styles resurface amid cancel culture
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Unless you've been away from Twitter lately, you would have played witness to the "cancel culture" on the platform. Numerous names have been "cancelled" over their statements/acts of the past. The culture's latest victim is Lizzo. The international singer has come under the radar of the cancel culture after a few of her statements about BTS and former One Direction crooner Harry Styles resurfaced recently. The 32-year-old singer was subjected to tweets announcing "#LizzoIsOverParty" as her comments caught the ARMY and Directioners' attention. 

The Truth Hurts hitmaker, who is undeniably one of the most vocal celebs in Hollywood, was criticised by the ARMY back in 2019 when she spoke about BTS. During CBC's Music Game of "Jam or Not a Jam", she was presented with Boy With Luv. Upon hearing the song, she said, "Now I know why people sleep outside in tents for days. That was sexy. That was sexual, actually." The ARMY deemed the statement "inappropriate."

Following that, before she performed with Harry Styles at the 2020 Brit Awards, Lizzo appeared on UK's KISS Breakfast With Tom & Daisy show where she was asked about collaborating with Styles. Lizzo responded, "We collabed," joking that they spent the previous night together. However, Lizzo instantly clarified that she was only joking. 

The internet also pulled out the video where Lizzo grabbed Styles' butt during their performance. A few alleged that Styles appeared uncomfortable. Resurfacing several comments and videos, a few internet users began "Lizzo Is Over Party." Tweets condemning her act made the rounds, demanding that Lizzo is cancelled. However, fans of the singer dived to her rescue. Fans said that the cancel culture was targetting Lizzo simply because she is a well-established Black woman. 

"lizzo is a grown woman and if she wants to talk about s** and d**k she can y’all need to stfu and grow up. #LizzoIsOverParty," a fan tweeted. "yall just want a reason to cancel a beautiful successful black woman. it’s disgusting how misogynistic yall are and im so over it. if harry was uncomfortable with lizzo you know damn well he would’ve said something. directioners need to stfu  #LizzoIsOverParty," another fan added. 

Check out the tweets below: 

What do you think about "Lizzo Is Over Party"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Anonymous 4 months ago


Anonymous 4 months ago

I am a Directioner, as well as an ARMY. Lizzo is an excellent singer, and has amazing vocals. Okay, her comments might be a bit inappropriate, but they don't deserve such hate. She did clarify that she was just joking. There are people who write filthy fanfics, and here we have people overreacting over a JOKE. She's a successful woman, and y'all should stop hatin' on her.

Anonymous 4 months ago


Anonymous 4 months ago