Loki star Sophia Di Martino has THIS to say about Sylvie possibly getting her own spinoff Disney+ series

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Sophia Di Martino also shed light on Sylvie warming up to the God of Mischief so quickly in Loki Ep 3.

*SPOILERS ALERT* Loki Ep 3 saw the friction between adversaries Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) heat up leading to some trademark MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) witty banter between the two just before the unlikely yet likely duo was forced to team up in order to escape from an exploding moon. MCU fans have lovingly welcomed Sophia as Sylvie, who manages to stay toe-to-toe with the God of Mischief's shenanigans, even one-upping him a few times.

As the recent exploration into Marvel's various spinoff series of beloved MCU characters on Disney+ takes centerstage; with Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision being the best successful examples, one wonders if a possible spinoff series could see the light of the day when it comes to Sylvie. In an interview with Deadline, Martino was asked this very question, to which the 37-year-old actress confessed, "Your guess is as good as mine. They wouldn't tell me even if they were thinking about it."

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During the same interview, Sophia was also asked her thoughts when it came to Sylvie automatically taking to the God of Mischief so quickly in Loki Ep 3. "Maybe it's because she sees herself in him, maybe it's because she finds him utterly ridiculous and she doesn't see him as a threat," Martino decoded before adding, "She sees him as this guy who is easy to wind up. He's sort of in the way of her, and then a mutual respect is developed between them.

Meanwhile, with just 3 episodes remaining, Loki Ep 4 drops on June 30.


Anonymous : I'm sorry, again in English I know I'm late with the comment. All 6 episodes are out now. I would be really happy about it. Especially because I've been waiting for a character like Sylvie for so long. I really like the way Sophia plays Sylvie and I think she is a great actress. I would really see her a lot more often, further in films, further in her own series and also in Loki.
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