Lonely MV: Jacob Tremblay perfectly emotes a young Justin Bieber as singer gets raw, vulnerable about his past

Updated on Oct 17, 2020 12:52 PM IST  |  1.7M
Justin Bieber's new single Lonely has been produced by Benny Blanco
Lonely MV: Jacob Tremblay perfectly emotes a young Justin Bieber as singer gets raw, vulnerable about his past

"Everybody knows my past now like my house was always made of glass / Maybe that's the price you pay for the money and fame at an early age / And everybody saw me sick, and it felt like no one gave a s**t / They criticised the things I did as an idiot kid," croons Justin Bieber in his new emotionally-stirring single Lonely with Benny Blanco.

For the accompanying music video to his soulful gut-wrenching vocals, Lonely features 2015 film Room's breakout star Jacob Tremblay playing a younger JB with the iconic side-swept hairstyle and trademark white jacket and pants with the purple hoodie attire from the Never Say Never era. There's also his small ode to his love for hockey with Tremblay messing around with a hockey stick! Sitting all alone backstage pondering over his newfound fame, the younger Bieber almost has a poker face right until he steps on stage and belts out how "f*****g lonely" he truly is. What makes this vulnerable moment even more tear-jerking is that there is just one audience member present for a young Justin's performance; a 26-year-old Justin Bieber looking on with trepidation yet also a sense of understanding.

Bieber; who has been engulfed by a troubled past dealing with the instant rise to fame, fortune and stardom at such an innocent age, in Lonely, sees the singer pour his heart and soul into the raw and vulnerable lyrics revealing his inner demons and how it's not easy being a popstar.

Watch Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco's Lonely MV featuring Jacob Tremblay below:

Sometimes, all it takes is the lyrics to make a statement!

Sharing the music video on Twitter, JB tweeted to Beliebers, "#Lonely is out now w @itsbennyblanco. To be honest the song is hard for me to listen to considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters. I believe it is powerful to express vulnerability and that’s why I believe this song is so powerful," and added, "And @JacobTremblay is so talented. It was emotional to see him play me from the outside looking in #LonelyVideo."

Moreover, Hailey Baldwin shared her appreciation for her man's new single by sharing it as her Instagram story and writing, "Love this song so so much."

Check out Justin Bieber's tweets and Hailey Baldwin's Instagram story for Lonely below:


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