'Love Love Love' trends on Twitter as Harry Styles thanks fans for 27th birthday wishes: Feeling very lucky

Harry Styles, who is currently shooting for Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling in Los Angeles, took to Twitter to thank his diehard fans for their birthday wishes and the special things they're doing to celebrate it.
'Love Love Love' trends on Twitter as Harry Styles thanks fans for 27th birthday wishes: Feeling very lucky
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Over the past few years, Harry Styles has established himself as not just a bonafide singer but also a talented actor with a promising Hollywood career while being a young fashion icon as well. The multitalented artist celebrated his 27th birthday on February 1, and as expected, millions and millions of his diehard fans flooded social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram with endearing birthday wishes, including celebrating the special occasion in their own unique way.

An overwhelmed Harry took to his Twitter page to thank his fans for their thoughtful messages as well as the kind gestures dedicated to him as birthday gifts. "Thank you for all the birthday wishes, and all the special things you’ve been doing to celebrate it," Styles tweeted before adding in his trademark style, "Feeling very lucky today, and all the days. Love love love, H." Immediately, Styles' stans trended 'Love Love Love' on Twitter sharing just how much they admire their idol for who he is and his 'Treat people with kindness' motto. Unsurprisingly, Harry's tweet has already crossed one million likes so far as the celebration has still not ended for the young musician.

Check out Harry Styles' 27th birthday tweet below:

Here's to Harry Styles, who we'd walk through fire for just to let us adore him!

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Meanwhile, Harry is currently in Los Angeles, California, busy shooting for his next movie post Dunkirk, Don't Worry Darling. The Olivia Wilde directorial also stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and Kiki Layne along with Wilde herself.