Map of the Song: 7: Jimin, Jungkook and V losing their minds while performing UGH & Ego is just what we needed

As a part of FESTA 2020 celebrations, BTS members were divided into three units (Jimin, V, Jungkook & RM, Jin & Suga, J-Hope) and played Map of the Song: 7, a karaoke game where the septet had to sing other members' songs apart from their own.
We also couldn't get over Jimin and Jungkook's soulful version of Winter Bear while V lovingly looked on.
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To say that BTS are Jung-shook would be an understatement! When the FESTA 2020 schedule was shared with June 11th being reserved for a secret project titled Map of the Song: 7, ARMY was all geared up with tissue papers for something emotional. What we got in return was 35 minutes of pure entertainment, taken straight out of a possible Run BTS episode! We did cry, but it was more like cry laughing! Map of the Song: 7 turned out to be a karaoke game where the septet had to sing other members' songs apart from their own.

BTS was divided into three units - Jimin, V and Jungkook aka Vminkook, RM and Jin aka Namjin and Suga and J-Hope aka Sope. When it was the Maknae line's turn, the trio went wild with their antics as they sang the rap line's UGH! and J-Hope's Outro: Ego. It was funny beyond belief as Tae-Tae and Kookie let their inner rappers out. Moreover, ChimChim and Jungkook harmonising Taehyung's solo track, Winter Bear as V lovingly looked on will be giving you very good dreams tonight.

Over to RJ, Namjoon and Jin let their hair down as they sang Outro: Ego and Yoongi's Seesaw but it was the Bangtan leader butchering Jungkook's song Euphoria (He planned it in advance!) that left ARMY and especially Kookie, shooketh. Listening to Jin rap will never get old and the Namjin unit is exactly what we needed for a good laugh. Jimin crashing the party and joining his hyungs was a special highlight.

But, Baby Mochi's energy ain't going anywhere as he joined the third and final unit of Suga and J-Hope, who decided to sing their version of Jimin and V's Friends. ChimChim's smile as Yoongi and Hobi added their own spin to not just Friends but the vocal line's The Truth Untold was like a cherry on top of the cake.

Watch BTS' Map of the Song: 7 extravaganza, as a part of FESTA 2020 below:

Like we needed a millionth and one reason to love these boys!

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What was even more endearing was towards the end, Jin and Jungkook gave us major Daechwita feels as they tried to irritate each other.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

BTS forever ❣️

Anonymous 7 months ago

Jimin never let's you down with his energy and love for his members. They all seemed to have so much fun together

Anonymous 7 months ago

35 mins fun!!

Anonymous 7 months ago

Not wrong

Anonymous 7 months ago

Cute maknae line

Anonymous 7 months ago

The video was funny : Jimin the intruder, V the lucky one, Jk the unlucky one, Jin makes the law, RM broke everyone's eardrums, Suga sings very well, J-Hope breaks the eardrums but wins in the end.

Anonymous 7 months ago

jimin be like " I broken my ear"

Anonymous 7 months ago

Nice and funny