Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Highlights: Jimin breaks down, V bringing out the Inner Child and RM for President

BTS concluded their day 1 of Map of the Soul ON:E today and it was one helluva roller coaster ride. While all the performances had us screaming, here are a few moments that stood out.
Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Highlights Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1 Highlights: Jimin breaks down, V bringing out the Inner Child and RM for President
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I had difficulty in keeping up with the coverage and watching Map of the Soul ON:E all at the same time. I can only imagine how BTS must have felt after the first day of the concert ended! The first day of the highly-anticipated concert ended just a few moments ago and it was beyond our imagination. While we were prepared to watch them bring the house down with the songs from Map of the Soul: 7, they stunned us by bringing out some of BTS' big old guns. Let's start with the setlist first! 

Map of the Soul ON:E day 1 playlist constituted of ON, N.O., We Are Bulletproof pt2, Intro: Persona, Boy In Luv, Dionysus, Interlude: Shadow, Black Swan, UGH, Zero o'Clock, My Time, Filter, Moon, Inner Child, Outro: Ego, Boy With Luv, DNA, DOPE and No More Dream. The concluded the first day with Butterfly, Run, Dynamite and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal. Phew! All this in less than three hours and constant costume change. 

While the whole concert was memorable, there were a few moments that stood out. Here are the highlights from Map of the Soul ON:E Day 1: 

Namjoon for President: 

BTS leader RM set the stage on fire with his high-octane performance on Intro: Persona. The rapper entered the stage on the podium, oozing the presidential vibes before he played out his solo act. His entry has us demanding, Namjoon for President! 

Jimin's Black Swan performance: 

We cannot stop thinking about the haunting contemporary performance delivered by Jimin during Black Swan. BTS added a new spin to Black Swan by introducing an orchestra instrumental and gave the stage to Mochi to showcase his brilliant dance moves. If that wasn't spine-chilling enough, the production team elevated the performed to the level that it looked less like a performance and more like art coming to life. We've seen BTS perform Black Swan a few times now. But nothing came close to the one we witnessed today. 

Dope was well, dope! 

Speaking of visuals, the production team messed with our heads when BTS performed Dope. The team set up screens on the stage to mirror graphics and images as backdrops behind the BTS members. During the performance of Dope, the team mirrored an elevator behind the singers and rappers. As the song neared the end, the team creates an illusion of the elevator crashing down. My heart is pacing with the mere thought of that scene! 

Taehyung and his Inner Child: 

While most members incorporated the multi-stage option to the fullest, Taehyung opted to limit his performance to a carousel. The Grey's Anatomy-inspired prop opened with TaeTae seated on one of the horses and crooning the song before we meet a Mini-V and our hearts melt. 

Suga's eerie Shadow: 

Suga had our attention during the We Are Bulletproof Pt 2, UGH! and Black Swan performances. But he had us shivering with her performance of Shadow. Yoongi's transitions from white to red and black are bow-worthy. 

J-Hope surprises in ON: 

Hobi took us by surprise when he not only sported a sleeveless shirt for the performance but flaunted a couple of tattoos during the ON performance. While some fans decoded one of his arm tattoos as First Love, there were others who pointed out that the tattoo actually reads fiat lux, which means let there be light/let light be made. He also flaunted a "Hope" tattoo. But we must say, he had us grinning with his performance to Outro: Ego. 


Jin, King of the Moon: 

Seokjin took the ARMY into outer space when he performed Moon. The World Wide Handsome stood on a moon installation featuring a life-size rose and surrounded by art pieces representing each planet in the solar system. We told you, Jin's out of this world! 

Jungkook My Time: 

Jungkook delivered a powerful performance on his song My Time. The singer made complete use of the elaborate setup while a clock constantly followed him. Also, those black leather pants and shirt had us distracted from work for a minute. Don't tell our bosses! 

Jimin breaks down and RM tears up: 

Just when we thought we made it through, controlling our tears from streaming, Jimin broke the floodgate when he got emotional during their concluding moments. As per AllKPop's translation, Jimin said, "I wasn't focused on the encore performance, but there were a lot of things I felt were unfair before preparing for the concert. When COVID-19 became widespread, I wanted to perform with the members more than anything and hang out with you all and be happy. I don't know why we have to go through this." He added, "Thank you so much for sending us all your hopes beyond the screen. I don't know if everything we prepared to show you has been delivered to you, but I hope it has been delivered to you. I'm grateful to ARMY for always supporting us." RM also teared up but fought them back when he addressed the ARMY. 

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Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

Anonymous 6 months ago

It looks like Jin was playing Le Petit Prince.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Jimin Yaa don't cry u cry I cry (๑´̥̥̥>ω<̥̥̥`๑) be happy and healthy

Anonymous 7 months ago

You should write about Jimins filter performance was breathtaking.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Jimin Yaa don't cry u cry I cry (๑´̥̥̥>ω<̥̥̥`๑) be happy and healthy

Anonymous 7 months ago

I didn’t notice Jin losing confidence. Did you see the same performance???? I think he did a great job and I am not saying that bc I am ARMY

Anonymous 7 months ago

It was J-Hope who said he was 80% happy, although Jimin may have had the same sentiment. Thanks for the recap!

Anonymous 7 months ago

This show was just what the doctor ordered. I couldn’t stop saying OMG! BTS delivers more than I could have expected. It was awesome!

Anonymous 7 months ago

You were being nice to Jin, he’s lost his confidence singing and it showed during that set. He flat out stopped even pretending to sing, it felt super awkward. I hope he can regain his vocal swag tomorrow. Fighting Jin!

Anonymous 7 months ago

People always say that since they don’t know what it’s like singing and dancing nonstop for 2 hours. He did his best and was amazing.

Anonymous 7 months ago

He wasn't pretending to singing. He was singing one layer and was waiting for the overlapped layer (back vocals) to get over. That's how singers Perform complex songs. He was very confident, stop spreading lies

Anonymous 7 months ago

MOON is a layered song. It has high and low notes blended together. No singer can sing two layers at the same time since the layers overlapped. Jin was singing the one layer(major part) and the other one was by back vocals. This was the case with inner child too. Both Jin and Tae did amazing job to deliver such scintillating performances with complex songs like Moon and inner child. If you don't know anything about these kinda things, you shouldn't spread misinformation. Jin nailed the performance.

Anonymous 7 months ago

DID YOU HEAR ZERO CLOCK. U STILL SAY THIS. God. Try singing 24 songs dancing constantly changing costume. Running between multiple stages. If u can even hold your tune i will accept your comment

Anonymous 7 months ago

And next time think twice before insulting the Grammy Silver Vocalist. He is an amazing vocalist, if you cared you would have known Anti

Anonymous 7 months ago

What's your problem. Enough with backhanded compliments. That was back vocals idiot, if you have observed all the performances, you would have seen how they use back track for breath controls. It was not just Jin. And you seriously didn't see him sustaining the G5 notes and all ?. Stop spreading misinformation. He was out of the world yesterday. You are an anti.

Anonymous 7 months ago

I don't think so becoz he gave his best

Anonymous 7 months ago

I don’t think you noticed how they all had to switch from set to set or certain parts were hard to sing because they overlapped or choreo took too much out of them. I don’t think he gave up at all. Yes they are down just like the rest of the world but this definitely helped us and I’m sure it helped them as well.

Anonymous 7 months ago