Marvel head Kevin Feige on Venom joining MCU: I wouldn’t dismiss anything

Published on Jul 13, 2021 04:47 PM IST  |  191.5K
Kevin Feige denies confirming any speculation about the upcoming Venom movie
Venom: Let There Be Carnage to hit American theatres on September 24, 2021, after getting delayed from its initial October 2020 release amid COVID-19 surge

As Marvel fans have been eager to know more about the possibility of Venom becoming a part of MCU, President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has declined to reveal much, and kept a strict neutral standpoint, while also giving a cryptic response saying not to "rule out" anything.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Feige made it clear that fans will have to wait for the right time to know the fate of Venom's addition to MCU. “I don’t want to obviously talk about rumors or speculation on what could happen and what couldn’t happen as it relates to any characters that Marvel Studios hasn’t brought to the screen yet. But I will say what I’ve always said, which is having been with Marvel for 20 years I wouldn’t dismiss anything."

Feige asked fans to be patient about the when, how, and where questions, "Any rumor that you read online could happen anytime between tomorrow and never", he said.

Speaking of the disputes between the company and Sony on Spider-Man, Feige said, "There was a time when it looked like Marvel Studios would not be involved in Spider-Man movies going forward for Sony. It was only a few months, but it was an emotional few months for, I think, all of us on all sides – and a very public few months, for whatever reason. But yes, I always want to look at the bright side and the bright side was: We got to make two great Spider-Man movies with Amy Pascal and Jon Watts, Tom Rothman, and Tom Holland. And I was very proud of that and very happy at that."

"It had to do with story and a love of Spider-Man and Peter Parker and the Marvel universe. And it thankfully has continued like that. And that’s where we find ourselves now", Feige added.

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