Marvel’s Samuel L. Jackson led ‘Secret Invasion’ series will be helmed by Thomas Bezucha & Ali Selim

Marvel has appointed Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim to helm the forthcoming series Secret Invasion.
Marvel hires directors for Secret Invasion Marvel’s Samuel L. Jackson led ‘Secret Invasion’ series will be helmed by Thomas Bezucha & Ali Selim
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One of the biggest strengths of Kevin Fiege (President, Marvel Studios) is to identify the voice behind a filmmaker, or else the mega-budgeted-superhero-earth-destroy-save-it-from-villain-comic-book films can all start to look the same. To launch the MCU, he banked on Jon Favreau and let him direct Iron Man though he hasn’t even made a middle-budget film before that. Ryan Coogler is perfect for Black Panther because he has represented that culture before on-screen though had not made an explosive film till then. Taika Waititi was a respected middle-of-the-road filmmaker known mostly to film geeks but Kevin let his humour and direction thrive in Thor: Ragnarok. 

Marvel never shies from not taking the template directors but finding some authentic voices who may not have a resume for that huge blockbuster. Now, for its forthcoming much-awaited ‘Secret Invasion’ series, Marvel bosses have placed their bets on relatively known yet fantastic filmmakers Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim. The series is based on Skrulls, a bunch of shape-shifting-aliens who infiltrated human society and disguised themselves as the known superheroes years ago before anybody finds out. Skrulls were seen in prominence in Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. They come from planet Skrullos from the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Thomas Bezucha has been making films for over a decade now and his latest one was a neo-western Let Him Go starring Kevin Costner. Ali Selim is a well-regarded advertisement filmmaker as well who has directed two episodes of the popular series The Looming Tower. Kyle Bradstreet will be writing and executive producing the show led by Samuel L. Jackson who returns as Nick Fury.

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