Marvel Studios officially RELEASES Eternals poster for Harry Styles' Eros character; See

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Harry Styles officially marvel member
The studio has unveiled a new character poster featuring Styles' character


The cat is now out of the bag: Harry Styles is now an official member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with Eternals entering its third weekend in cinemas, Marvel is no longer bashful about admitting it. The studio has unveiled a new character poster featuring Styles' character Eros, who comes in the film's mid-credit scene to offer his otherworldly aid to Thena (Angelina Jolie), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), and Druig (Barry Keoghan).


Check out the official poster here:


“Meet the Royal Prince of Titan, brother of Thanos,” the studio took to their official Instagram account and wrote in the caption. “The Knave of Hearts, Defeater of Black Roger, the great adventurer, Starfox. The poster is stylized similarly to the film's other character posters, including a newly published one for Karun, Kumail Nanjiani's dedicated helper to Kingo, with Eros surrounded by shimmering, golden light, giving him the heavenly, otherworldly aspect of an Eternal.

However, as per Collider, Styles joins the MCU in what may be a pivotal role later on, as one of Marvel's most powerful characters and perhaps the key to opening up the universe to its more Earthbound heroes. Eros, better known by his moniker, Starfox, was formerly a member of the Avengers and is the (largely) beneficent equal to his crazy Titan brother Thanos, an extraterrestrial hero with superhuman strength and the capacity to manipulate human emotions for his own purpose.

Interestingly, the new poster is Marvel's first public acknowledgement of Styles' presence in the film, after considerable online speculation over his appearance. While there is no word on whether he will feature in any subsequent Marvel productions, with the MCU expanding and new sorts of heroes being introduced with each premiere, we can be certain that Eros isn't going away - at least, not until the whole multiverse thing is resolved.

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