The Matrix Resurrections EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Purab Kohli STATES Keanu Reeves 'has no air' about being a big star

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Purab Kohli went from "being fascinated by" Keanu Reeves' movies to starring alongside him in The Matrix Resurrections.

Internet's boyfriend aka Keanu Reeves is not just a bonafide Hollywood star but also significantly known for his genuineness. The handsome, talented actor reprised his iconic role as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections and an Indian star who got to work with him is our very own Purab Kohli. Given most of his scenes are alongside Keanu, I couldn't help but ask Purab if Reeves is, in fact, as humble as he's portrayed by everyone who knows him.

In an EXCLUSIVE chat to promote The Matrix Resurrections, Purab spoke highly of his co-star, a man he's admired for a very long time. "He's amazing. He's amazing. I mean, I'm that generation that grew up admiring his work and being fascinated by the films he did and still does. And then, to be in a room, sitting next to him on a table and this is a story I tell everybody... whoever, because he's Keanu Reeves and everybody asks about, 'Oh! Did you...' You tell them you're in The Matrix and the next question is, 'Did you shoot with Keanu?' [laughs] It's like, 'Yeah! I did shoot with Keanu,' and 'How's he?' is the nest question you get," Kohli quipped.

Purab recalled, "So, what's really amazing about him is that we were about... You've seen the film, so you've seen that there's about 8 or 10 actors on that table and we're all working, shooting together and between takes... and the way Lana [Wachowski, director and co-writer] shoots is she does the same scene over and over again and does it from different angles, swaps us around and that's her artistry. She's sort of a painter just going around with colours. So, but, always sitting around between scenes and because they're moving so fast, nobody really leaves the set, nobody was really leaving the set."

"So, he was always around and we were always around. We would get into conversations and Keanu Reeves is probably one of the biggest stars in the world. And to see... but, when we were at that table, he was just Keanu, another one of us actors on the table. There was no air or no sort of, 'I'm Keanu Reeves. I want to walk around and you can't talk to me. You can't do this.' He was just one of us and it was just so easy and if you've seen the scene, he doesn't have anything to say really in the scene," Kohli further added before concluding, "It's all of us talking and he's just sort of silently listening [I chime in, "Gazing at all of you'll."] Almost like we're voices in his head and it was just a real pleasure to watch him hold himself with all these young, aspiring, struggling, working hard actors and he's just sitting over there and being just as the humble Keanu Reeves that you hear about him. That's him. It's just really amazing."

Watch Purab Kohli's candid interview with Pinkvilla for The Matrix Resurrections below:

Now, we're even more certain that Keanu Reeves is the perfect human being!

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