The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss OPEN UP on their bond: It is like a soul friendship

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Keanu Reeves bond
The Matrix Resurrections will be released in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22.


Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have been friends for years owing to their Matrix films. The actors discuss their fourth appearance as Neo and Trinity in the forthcoming sequel The Matrix Resurrections, as well as how their relationship has progressed since they originally portrayed the roles in 1999's The Matrix.

Moss talked to Entertainment Weekly about her and Reeves' effortless chemistry. "We've been through this experience together as partners. The only way I can describe it is like a soul friendship," Moss, 54, said as per PEOPLE. "Most of my scenes are with Keanu, and it was just a pleasure to sit across from him and do that again," she added. "He has a masterful understanding of action. I've watched him grow in the last 20 years. I'm in awe of it." "But you've got a flavor. It's Trinity! It's Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity flavor," responded Reeves, 57. "All the fierceness and mind, focus, commitment is there in the gestures. Untamed and wild and controlled."

When asked why he chose to return to the series after an almost 20-year absence, Reeves argues that, “We had filmmakers who you wanted to say yes to,” adding: “[We had] material that you wanted to commit to, to give everything that you could to.” In addition, the actor also recalled an initial draft of the original screenplay for the 1999 film, which had a character who entered the Matrix world as a different sex.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Resurrections will be released in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22.

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2 weeks ago
The Matrix was definitely inspired by the show Nowhere Man (1995-'96). In episode 4, Carrie-Anne Moss appears. Like in the Matrix, she kisses the protagonist on the mouth, just before he wakes up from his coma. There was another parallel too. I forget.