Matt Damon & Ben Affleck REVEAL how 'great actors' like Jodie Comer, Adam Driver were helpful in The Last Duel

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The Last Duel releases in India on October 22.

Based on a true story, The Last Duel narrates the tragic tale of a duel between two friends, Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), after Carrouges' wife Marguerite (Jodie Comer) accuses Le Gris of raping her. The narrative style followed in the Ridley Scott directorial is in three chapters from Carrouges, Le Gris and Marguerite's individual POVs.

Matt, Ben Affleck (who plays Count Pierre d'Alençon) and Nicole Holofcener have penned the script and along with Jodie, were a part of The Last Duel's global press conference, which Pinkvilla attended virtually. Given how The Last Duel was shot in three different perspectives of the same tragic event, Comer was asked during the press conference about the emotions, details and choreography attached to each of the three instances. Moreover, Jodie was quizzed on how much of that was on the page, how much did they have to work on the day and how much of the back-and-forth versions did they have to do to get that balance, specifically talking about the kiss sequences.

"Yeah. Well, I think the beautiful thing about the script was, it was all there on the page. The intentions were very, very clear as to what was needed in each perspective. What was sometimes jarring was that we shot each version simultaneously. So, we were literally jumping from one to the next. [Nicole quipped, "You like him? You don't like him."] Yeah. And then, I'm always wanting to make sure that we've got Marguerite. I felt really loyal to her. And I really wanted to make sure that we'd always got that in the bag. And then, I felt like I could play around with the other versions," Comer recalled.

"But yeah, I mean, I was kind of afforded a lot of freedom in what I wanted to explore. We played around with the subtlety and how far we wanted to push it. We got a little bit delirious in that scene. Do you remember when we were doing that kiss when we did the party?  And that kiss, and we all got really bad-bad giggles. [Matt agreed, quipping, "Yeah, yeah." [laughs]] Which wasn't ideal. But yeah, it was great to then see the final film and see how all those moments play out, 'cause it's so important that when you're in each perspective, you're really invested in what that character is telling you," the Killing Eve star further recounted.

Praising Jodie as well as Adam for being a great help to The Last Duel's writing team, Affleck chimed in, "She's being generous. The script was more or less, a great actress will show us the subtlety and nuance. The differences between the various perspectives."

Mirroring his best friend's stance, Damon added, "And actually, she's also being very humble 'cause Jodie actually helped with the-like... we had sessions where after work, where we would have dinner and we would sit there and we would go through the script with Jodie. And when you have a great actor, and we did it with Adam too, they're really able to... they'll say, like, 'This moment doesn't feel right. I don't feel like I'd say that.' Or, you know what I mean? And, as a writer, it's like, if you have a great actor, you really wanna listen to them. Because they're gonna steer you towards where a scene needs to be. So, she was really helpful in the writing process, too. [Nicole adds, "And she's nice. Right?"]"

We can't wait to see what the magnificent cast has in store for us in The Last Duel!

Interestingly, The Last Duel marks Matt and Ben's first writing collaboration in almost 25 years since Good Will Hunting, which won the duo their first-ever Oscar for Best Original Screenplay along with an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor to Robin Williams.

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The Last Duel releases in India on October 22.

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