Matt Damon confirms Thor: Love and Thunder cameo; TEASES it will be an 'upgrade'

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 04:44 PM IST  |  107.3K
Matt Damon confirms his cameo in Taika Waititi's Thor 4

Thor: Love and Thunder is without a doubt one of the most-anticipated projects from MCU. Considering how Taika Waititi has been calling it an emotional one compared to Ragnarok, fans are even more excited for it. While it has already been known that Matt Damon will be making a cameo in the film, just like he did in Thor: Ragnarok, the actor recently officially confirmed the same in his recent interview for SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show.

While mentioning how it may not be a "secret" considering the actor was clicked on the sets of the film, Damon said, "I don't know if it's secret or not, though everybody knows. I went down there to shoot, and I think they sussed out, 'cause paparazzi took pictures of us, so that they sussed out what we were doing. We were kind of reprising a cameo that Luke Hemsworth and I did in the last one."

Damon decided to further drop a little hint at what we can expect from his 'fake Loki' this time as he further added, "And we had a ball, and so Taika [Waititi] had us back again to kind of run that joke back and upgrade it a little bit."

With Matt teasing an "upgrade" on his cameo, we bet fans are now looking forward to seeing how his fake Loki plays out this time although we do have a bit of an idea about what Damon is hinting at considering it has been reported that this time Melissa McCarthy will also reportedly appear as Fake Hela according to ScreenRant.

Previously, Sam Neill also talked about his cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder. The actor in Ragnarok played fake Odin and while talking about coming back for the role, Neill mentioned that he was "baffled" the first time around and had the same reaction while returning for his cameo. The actor told Nova, "I’ve never understood any of the Thor films, in fact, the whole Marvel universe is a complete mystery to me."

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