Matt Damon DENIES using the 'F slur' in new statement; Says 'I stand with the LGBTQ+ community'

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 10:05 PM IST  |  139.3K
Matt Damon releases a statement on his 'F slur' comments
Matt Damon says he has not used 'F slur'; Clarifies interview comments

Matt Damon recently made the headlines after he admitted in his recent interview with The Sunday Times that his daughter implored him to stop using the homophobic 'F slur' recently. After his statement stirred a massive controversy and earned him a lot of backlash online, the actor released a new statement to Variety, clarifying his recent interview comments. The Stillwater star denied using the offensive term and stated that he stands with the LGBTQ+ community and clarified that his statement led many to "assume the worst."

According to Variety, while responding to all the backlash he received relating to his interview comments. Damon explained that his discussion with his daughter was regarding the times being changed from before and that how one of his movies from as recent as 2003 consisted of a dialogue that used the offensive word.

Adding further about the context of his comments, Matt told Variety, "To my admiration and pride, she was extremely articulate about the extent to which that word would have been painful to someone in the LGBTQ+ community regardless of how culturally normalized it was. I not only agreed with her but thrilled at her passion, values and desire for social justice."

Denying the usage of the derogatory term in his personal life, Matt further clarified, "I have never called anyone ‘f****t’ in my personal life and this conversation with my daughter was not a personal awakening. I do not use slurs of any kind."

Considering how his statement caused a massive stir online, Damon pledged that he did not wish to hurt the LGBTQ+ community saying, "I understand why my statement led many to assume the worst. To be as clear as I can be, I stand with the LGBTQ+ community", via Variety.

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